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Police Civilian Review Board Candidates

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The following City residents are under consideration for the Police Civilian Review Board and have been invited to participate in a Community Forum on Tuesday, April 24 from 5:30 p.m. - 8:45 p.m.  at the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center Auditorium. 

An online survey has been launched to collect community input on the 13 candidates under consideration. Ballots may also be completed in the City Manager's office and at the Community Forum.

Gloria Beard Josh Bowers Evan Brown
Sarah Burke Jeff Fogel
Don Gathers
Juan Gonzalez
Maggie Harden
Rosia Y. Parker
Helen Plainsance
James Shea Jr.
Katrina Turner
Guillermo Ubilla



Gloria Beard

Gloria Beard is a retired Certified Patient Care Tech/ Certified Phlebotomist from the University of Virginia Health Care Center; she was also a Foster Parent for Community Attention Foster Families (CAFF) for 12 years. Gloria's passion has always been helping others and nurturing children. She has volunteered for The Literacy Volunteers of Charlottesville/Albemarle, The Paramount Theater and The NAACP. Her main concern is Justice and her Neighborhood. Gloria currently works as a Poll Electoral Officer for Voter Registration and Election Dept. She attends City Council Meetings and other events concerning the City of Charlottesville. Gloria attends First Baptist Church, West Main St. where she serves in several ministries. She is the Mother of three grown sons, a Grandmother of eight and a Great Grandmother of two.

Josh Bowers

Josh Bowers is a professor at the University of Virginia, School of Law.  Previously, he was a public defender at the Bronx Defenders, an organization committed to holistic representation, which entails collaborative efforts to meet all the criminal, civil, and social needs of indigent clients.  Currently, he writes and teaches about community policing and excessive force.  He strongly supports public engagement with local policing as a means to build trust and ensure transparency, fairness, equality, and respectful treatment.  

In addition to his current work as a teacher and scholar, he has helped direct and develop the Program in Law and Public Service, which is designed to prepare law students for public-interest careers.  He has also served on the Board of the Legal Aid Justice Center.  Finally, he is an organizer of a forthcoming symposium, tentatively titled “One Year After Charlottesville: The Recurring Resurgence of Nationalism, Racism, and Hate.”  

He was moved to volunteer for the Civilian Review Board following the events of last August.  He knows that hate is nothing new but wants to do what he can to reject an emboldened movement and to guarantee that city police work to protect all residents, regardless of race or nationality.

Evan Brown 

No bio submitted. 

Sarah Burke

I have been a city resident since 2007. Prior to that, I grew up in Albemarle County and attended UVA. I am married to one of my closest childhood friends and have two children under two years old.

Professionally, I am a mitigation specialist, criminal defense investigator, and a sentencing advocate who specializes in capital murder cases and other serious criminal matters. I founded my company in 2014 and work on local, statewide, and Federal cases. Prior to establishing my private practice, I worked for almost seven years at a non-profit law firm, defending death-sentenced inmates in Virginia. I am passionate about the work that I do within the criminal justice system to ensure that defendants’ rights are being protected, that their cases are being thoroughly investigated by their defense team, and that their lives and backgrounds are presented to judges and juries in a way that help them determine fair sentences.

In my work, I do my part to expose individual injustices as well as complex, systemic problems within powerful systems. I want to translate those skills to my community. I believe in holding public officials and public servants accountable for their actions. I believe in transparency. And I believe in the power of the people to change our institutions to best serve our needs.

Jeff Fogel

Jeff Fogel is a civil rights attorney. He has been the executive and legal director of the ACLU of New Jersey and the legal director at the Center for Constitutional Rights. He has litigated numerous police misconduct cases in New Jersey, Puerto Rico, New York City and, for the last 10 years, Virginia. He has also represented police officers in disciplinary proceedings and in race, disability and age discrimination cases. Jeff has been very active here in Charlottesville on issues involving the criminal justice system, especially stop and frisk. He is a member of the Disproportionate Minority Contact with the Juvenile Justice System Task Force and also ran for commonwealth attorney.

Don Gathers

Don Gathers is a Deacon at First Baptist Church on West Main St, the former Chair of the Blue Ribbon Commission on Race, Memorials & Public Spaces, a Community Activist, a proud Husband and Father, an Executive Committee Member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at UVA and a member of numerous local Activism & Citizens Rights committees. 

Juan Gonzalez

I am Juan González Elizalde, from Lares, Puerto Rico. I came to Charlottesville a short time ago. I am an attorney in Puerto Rico and I have studied History and other areas in the Arts and Humanities. I was volunteering with Sin Barreras Charlottesville when I learned about the Police Civilian Review Board. It caught my attention that City Council is creating this Board in order to have accountability and respect for civil and human rights in the execution of their policies. I would be happy to help with that goal. I have some experience working in organizations that care about these matters. I am envisioning the fruitful results of all these initiatives. I am willing to help either from outside or as a direct member of the Board.

Maggie Harden

No bio submitted.

Rosia Parker

My name is Rosia Parker; I am 45 years old, a mother of three and a grandmother of one. I am from the DC metropolitan area and I came to Charlottesville 13 years ago. I am a Community Leader/ Activist and I completed my GED in 2013.  Before completing my GED, I volunteered in the Community and joined different community organizations such as Impact, DMC Task Force, City of Promise Steering Committee, graduated from Charlottesville NLI (Neighborhood Leadership Institute), Prison Re-entry Council, PHAR Board member and various others. I enhance myself with education, history and accountability. I have also been a member of the Historic Black church First Baptist Church for 13 years. I have been fighting in my community for many years by sitting at the table advocating for the People, who can't advocate for themselves. The people choose me as their Hometown Hero in 2015.

Helen Plainsance

Resident of Charlottesville/Albemarle for 35 years; Community-minded, aware of people’s needs and seeking solutions, how can we work together to identify and resolve community concerns.

- Neighborhood Watch in Albemarle County (1993-95)
- Board Member, Trinity Child Care Center (1992-98)
- Former small business owner, Van on the Go (1998-2003)
- Mountainside Senior Living Board of Directors (2007-2018)
- Dialogue on Race participant
- Ministry with Aging Co-President
- Vestry Member, Trinity Episcopal Church (2015-2018)
- Core Member, Cville Village
-Community Emergency Response Team trained (2010)
-Jefferson Area Medical Emergency Response Team (2014-current)
- Member, Charlottesville Alliance on Aging (2018- current)
- Key Ministry Leader for Trinity Episcopal Church’s transitional housing for pregnant homeless women
- Social Security payee for local resident with mental illness (2000-current)
- Sunday School teacher at Trinity Episcopal Church (2011- current)

Employment History:
1982-2007 University of Virginia Health Services Foundation
2007- current Optima Health Plan
Former special education teacher, group home houseparent, child care worker.

building community, aging in place, urban poverty remediation, overcoming racism

Excellent listener, Documentation for start-ups (bylaws, mission/vision statements, MOUs),
Managerial skills- procedures, Experience with compliance programs, contract language, Team player, Problem-Solver, Excellent writing skills, Great “second fiddle”

James M. Shea Jr.

Born July 6, 1938, raised in Baltimore, Md. and Petersburg, Va.  BA, UVA 1960, PhD Cornell U. 1966.  Brenda “Bee” Lambert has been my partner since 1970, and we have five children, 14 grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Relevant experience:
1. Extensive involvement with local police, FBI, local and federal courts in 1960’s due to anti-war activism.  Felony bail-jumping conviction 1974, spent one year in federal prison.
2.  Since moving to Charlottesville (1980), I’ve participated in various activities relating to local police and criminal justice system:
a. member Believers & Achievers ex-offender re-entry peer support group, including conducting programs in local jail and interacting with probation/parole officials.
b. teamed with Harold Folley (Virginia Organizing) and Jason Ness (OAR) to assist two dozen ex-offenders applying for restoration of civil rights.  
c. member public input committee assembled by Public Defender’s Office.
d. Dialogue on Race #1:  member action team for ex-offenders’ re-entry, and action team that proposed creating Human Rights Commission, Dialogue #2: member action team focusing on police/criminal justice issues.

I’ve had ample opportunity during recent decades to observe local police and criminal justice and their effects on individuals, families and communities.  Most recently, in summer 2017, I observed first-hand local police performance during the Klan and White Supremacists rallies.

Katrina Turner

My name is Katrina Turner and I am a 49 year old, wife, mother, grandmother and a member of Black Lives Matter. For the past year I have attended City Council, PHAR and Human Rights meetings and more, fighting against the injustice that has continued against the black and brown citizens in our community. I have witnessed racial injustice in my community for years. On May 2, 2016 I filed a complaint against two Charlottesville police officers for an assault against my son that I witnessed. I applied to this board to ensure that complaints against the police are properly investigated and officers are held accountable for their actions.

Guillermo Ubilla
Guillermo Ubilla is a self-employed digital artist with a studio at the McGuffey Art Center in downtown Charlottesville. He first moved to the Charlottesville area in 2005 and moved into the city in 2016 after a year spent abroad. His wife is a psychiatrist working in area hospitals.

Guillermo volunteers weekly at The Haven, and recently launched a storytelling art project for residents. He is a long-time volunteer with Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep providing remembrance photographs to parents suffering the loss of a baby. He also serves on the board of Indivisible Charlottesville. 

He was largely apolitical prior to the national election of 2016, what happened in November of that year helped him recognize the bubble within which he'd been living. He has since taken on a much more active role in the Charlottesville community, including sharing what he learns as a volunteer with others in order to encourage more civic participation from fellow residents and community members.  

Guillermo applied to the review board out of a sense of frustration with the city and how various aspects of the events that took place within Charlottesville in 2017 were handled.

Forum Facilitator Biographies

Bob Garrity  

Bob Garrity has provided services and training in communication, mediation, facilitation, restorative practices, culturally responsive teaching, problem solving, conflict resolution, bullying prevention, and planning, for schools, universities, government, business, the armed forces, police, businesses, families, and community organizations since 1989.  
• Business and government services include facilitating, mediating, training, and facilitating partnering projects.
• School services include mediation, restorative practices, group conflict resolution, bullying prevention, planning, staff development, and discipline disparity assessment and intervention.  He has worked with over 40 school divisions in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, West Virginia, Georgia, Florida, and Illinois. 
• Bob has provided training for law enforcement officers through the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, the Virginia ABC Department, and the Central Shenandoah Valley Criminal Justice Training Academy. 
• He teaches Restorative Discipline for the Eastern Mennonite University Department of Education’s Restorative Justice in Education Certificate program, for both the Harrisonburg, VA and Lancaster, PA campuses.
Bob earned a B.A. in Government and Elementary Education from the College of William and Mary, an M.A. in Foreign Affairs and an M.Ed. in Social Foundations of Education from the University of Virginia.  Prior to working as a mediator, facilitator, trainer, and consultant, Bob served as a public school teacher in elementary and high schools in Virginia and Japan.  Bob and his family have lived in Charlottesville since 1983.  His three children attended Charlottesville City Schools and graduated from CHS.

Mitsuko Clemmons-Nazeer

Mitsuko Clemmons-Nazeer currently serves as the Recruitment and Staffing Manager for Albemarle County Public Schools in the Human Resources Department.  Prior to joining the HR Team 17 years ago Mitsuko worked in the career services/counseling field and served on the faculty and administration at both the Universities of Virginia and Florida.  She is a graduate of Virginia Tech and the University of Delaware.  Her professional interests include collaboration of training and development, building on ideas, instructional technology, and Culturally Responsive Teaching.  
As a current resident of Albemarle County, she is socially active in the Charlottesville area and with its citizens.  She serves on the State School Human Resources Board, Virginia Association of School Personnel Administrators and as an Election Official.