Charlottesville Police Civilian Review Board

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Meetings: TBD

Place: TBD

Membership: Three (3), Residents of the City of Charlottesville who come from historically disadvantaged communities that have traditionally experienced disparate policing or who are residents of public housing; three (3), Residents of the City of Charlottesville who are not City of Charlottesville employees, candidates for public office, former members of the Charlottesville Police Department, immediate family members of a current Charlottesville Police Department employee, or current law enforcement agency employees; one (1), Member who resides or works in the City and who represents an organization that seeks racial or social justice on behalf of historically disadvantaged communities; one (1), Non-voting member who has policing expertise or experience

Term: Inaugural board - 18 months (3 voting members); 3-years (4 voting members); 3-years (1 non-voting member); 

Purpose: The Board aims to provide objective and independent civilian-led oversight of the Charlottesville Police Department in an effort to enhance transparency and trust, to promote fair and effective policing, and to protect the civil and constitutional rights of the people of the City of Charlottesville.   

The Board’s functions, as outlined below, shall pursue the following principles and objectives: 

A. Ensuring that police officers act with integrity and treat every person with equal dignity;
B. Empowering and inspiring self-governance and a culture of mutual respect;
C. Seeking social and racial justice;
D. Engaging in community outreach and amplifying the voices of the socially, politically, and economically disenfranchised;
E. Listening to and building cooperation between all stakeholders to find and develop common ground and public purpose;
F. Championing just, equitable, and legitimate policing policies and practices; and
G. Processing complaints, reviewing police practices and internal investigations, issuing findings, writing public reports, and making recommendations.

Contact: TBD (PCRB Executive Director)

ORDINANCE and RESOLUTIONS ADOPTED November 4, 2019, with amendments: 

1) 11/4/19 ORDINANCE adding Article XVI (Police Civilian Review Board) Ordinance and By-Laws to Chapter 2 (Administration) of the Code of the City of Charlottesville, 1990, as amended (2nd reading) - PASSED 5-0 (HILL/GALVIN) 

2) Resolution authorizing Police Civilian Review Board Executive Director to prepare a June 2020 report to City Council - PASSED 5-0 (HILL/BELLAMY)

3) Resolution listing Charlottesville Police Department policies pursuant to Charlottesville City Code Section 2-458 - PASSED 4-1 (HILL/GALVIN; Bellamy against)

4) Resolution approving Police Civilian Review Board Bylaws - PASSED 4-1 (HILL/GALVIN; Bellamy against)


Click HERE to view the Council resolution amended on July 2, 2018. 


[Information subject to change as this program develops.] In order to communicate with the CRB electronically please send an email to If you prefer to mail hard copies to the CRB, please mail the documents to ATTN: Police CRB, P.O. Box 911, Charlottesville, VA 22902. Please know that all written communications with the CRB are subject to disclosure pursuant to Virginia’s Freedom of Information Act.


To review the steps taken to form the CRB, please click HERE. [Additional meetings held in September, October and November 2019]

To find agendasminutes and other records please click HERE



At present, the CRB does not have the authority to initiate or review complaints against the police. Currently, the only way to file a complaint against a Police officer is through the Police Department directly. The CRB encourages anyone who has experienced or witnessed perceived police misconduct to file a complaint with the Police Department.  To file an official complaint form against a Police Officer please visit the Police Department's website by clicking on the link below. 

Police Department website – Quality of Service page