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Fall Update - September 22nd, 2008

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As our community approaches the springtime growing season following a fall and winter without significant rain or snow, the City would like to take this opportunity to report on the status of the Community Water Supply Plan. That plan was adopted by the City, County, Albemarle County Service Authority, and the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority in June of 2006.

The 50-year plan includes a new Ragged Mountain Dam to replace two older dams, a replacement pipeline between the South Fork and Ragged Mountain reservoirs, replacement of old piping, pumping, and treatment systems, and expansions to the water treatment capacity. The plan is a financially responsible solution to providing an adequate and healthy water supply to City and County residents for many decades to come. This plan has also been determined by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality to be the most environmentally-friendly and practical option available.

While the water supply plan had been in development since the 1990’s, the efforts became more urgent following the serious drought in 2002. During this extensive public dialog, 32 possible approaches were looked at that included raising the South Fork reservoir, dredging the South Fork reservoir, and constructing a pipeline to the James River, among many other considerations.

The environmental aspects of the water supply plan were an important determining factor in shaping its final form. The adopted plan provides improved stream flows to area rivers, preserves 75,000 linear feet of stream with wide buffers in a permanent conservation easement, provides 200 acres of new forest and four acres of new wetlands, avoids impacts to rare, threatened or endangered species and preserves habitat and enhances water quality for the Buck Mountain watershed.

This spring discussions are underway as to how the implementation of the plan will be phased, how costs will be allocated between the City and County, and what additional steps may be taken beyond this plan to effectively manage and preserve our existing reservoirs for the long-term. Such steps may include stabilizing upstream river channels to reduce sediment erosion, or maintenance dredging.

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