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The City owns a 1920’s historic home at 608 Ridge Street upon which we have conducted a deep energy retrofit. With this project, the City has taken the lead in demonstrating how residential energy efficiency can be achieved in our community. Our goal was to take a home in an historic district and to attain zero net energy use or somewhere very close to it, while still respecting the historic character of the home and the neighborhood. This project was inspired by the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP), a community based initiative to facilitate energy efficiency and renewables for our residents.  We are also looking into achieving LEED and EarthCraft Renovations certifications. UVa interns are working with us to document what was done with respect to each of the standards and to evaluate cost effective measures applicable to each of these green building programs.

Over the course of the coming few years the project will be accessible by the general public as an interactive, educational model home on energy efficiency to be used for contractor training, energy efficiency seminars, and field trips by our local schools (both public and private). The City will work with LEAP, UVa, and Piedmont Virginia Community College (PVCC) faculty to develop interactive displays which educate and promote energy efficiency and renewables.


ecoREMOD - before renovation


ecoREMOD - after renovation

The Team
The City worked with an outstanding team on a design and construction strategy to achieve the physical transformation of the house. The team for the project included the City, UVa's ecoMOD project, Barton Malow, LEAP, and Alloy Workshop.

The City has and will continue to engage the public in the process as well as the outcome of this endeavor. To that end, we hosted a series of open houses and media events throughout the remodel, and documented critical meetings and work with photos and video. 

CLICK HERE to see the ecoREMOD brochure

CLICK HERE to see the ecoREMOD overview and summary document.

CLICK HERE to download a presentation about ecoREMOD that was part of the 2010 Governor's Housing Conference.

The ecoREMOD team would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank the following project Sponsors, Supporters, and Friends

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