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Solar in Charlottesville

The potential for solar power generation is great in Charlottesville. Plus, we have local programs and a property tax credit incentive to help make installing solar power more cost effective. 


Map - Solar PV in Charlottesville_through_12-2015

Solar Resources in Charlottesville

Solar Tax Credits: The City of Charlottesville offers a tax credit for property owners who install a solar energy system (Solar PV and/or Solar Thermal). More information can be found at

Applying for a Permit to Install Solar:  Solar PV installations need to apply for an electrical permit. Solar Thermal installations need to apply for a mechanical permit. Applications and information can found through the Department of Neighborhood Development Services (NDS) Building Permits & Inspections.  

Financing Assistance Programs: Charlottesville, in partnership with LEAP and the UVA Community Credit Union, offers loans at interest rates as low at 0%.  Residential properties are eligible for a PowerSaver Loan and commercial/non-profit properties for the Clean Energy Loan Fund. More information about both of these programs can be found at

How much power does Solar PV really generate in Charlottesville? The City of Charlottesville has been installing solar PV systems on its facilities and tracking the energy generation. Historical energy production, and the ratio of kWh/kW, are published on our page.

Are there locally-based solar installers? Yes there are. The solar industry has been growing in the Charlottesville area over the past 5 years. City-based and regional companies service our area. 

Solar Programs in Charlottesville

CitySolar: Solar Power on City Buildings.  The City of Charlottesville began installing solar PV systems on its buildings around 2010 and has subsequently commitment CIP funding to continue installing more. Information on each of our solar PV systems, and the amount of energy they produce, is available online at

Solarize Charlottesville: Installing Solar at Affordable Prices. Solarize programs have been growing around the country due to their success at helping residents install solar PV systems easily and at a good price.The first Solarize Charlottesville program was in 2014 and saw tremendous success. By nature, Solarize programs and discounts are offered for a limited time and are not guaranteed to be offered again the next year, making them possibly the last best price for solar. Learn more about Solarize Charlottesville programs at

Types of Solar Power Systems

  • Solar PV: Solar cells, also called photovoltaic (PV) cells by scientists, convert sunlight directly into electricity. PV gets its name from the process of converting light (photons) to electricity (voltage), which is called the PV effect. Learn more from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

    Solar PV can be installed on rooftops or on ground mounted/free standing structures. Typically for rooftops, the panels can be installed flush with the roof surface, reducing the visible profile of the panels. 

  • Solar Thermal: Solar thermal systems use the sun to heat either water or a heat-transfer fluid in the collector, which is then used to provide hot water for a home or building. Learn more from the US Department of Energy.

Image of Installation of Buford Greenhouse Solar Systemsolar systemecoREMOD solar thermal

Images from Left to Right:  Solar PV Rooftop.   Solar PV Ground Mounted System.  Solar PV and Solar Thermal Rooftop.


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