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Information about Fix a Leak Week and Fix a Leak Family 5K

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Fix A Leak Family 5K is a fun family event at the end of Fix-A-Leak Week, a national Environmental Protection Agency campaign. The event focuses on tackling water leaks in your home and other water conservation tips, resources, and rebates. Typically this event has been help during Fix a Leak Week, but recently it has been moved to coincide with the Rivanna Riverfest. 



Fix a Leak Week

Fix a Leak Week is a national campaign help by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which seeks to inform the public on how to identify and fix leaks. By making fixes, Americans put a stop to the more than 1 trillion gallons of water being wasted from household leaks each year. 

To help save water for future generations, we are asking consumers to check, twist, and replace:

  • Check for leaks. Look for dripping faucets, showerheads, sprinklers, and other fixtures. Also check for toilets with silent leaks by putting a few drops of food coloring or use a dye tab from the free conservation kits offered at the Utility Billing Office into the tank, waiting 10 minutes, and seeing if color appears in the bowl before you flush. Don’t forget to check irrigation systems and spigots too.
  • Twist and tighten hose and pipe connections. To save water without a noticeable difference in flow in your bathroom, twist on a WaterSense labeled faucet aerator.
  • Replace the fixture if necessary. Look for WaterSense labeled models.  These models are independently certified to use 20 percent less water and perform as well as or better than standard models. WaterSense showerheads and faucet aerators are available for free for City residents at the Utility Billing Office in City Hall.
  • For more information on how to find and fix leaks CLICK HERE.



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This year's Fix a Leak Family 5K will be a little different that previous years! It will be held on May 11th during the Rivanna Riverfest and it will be a park to park race from Riverview Park to Darden Towe Park! Stay tuned for more information about the race, course, registration, and all the fun activities happening this day!




Past Fix a Leak Family 5K Events

2018 Fix a Leak Family 5K Logo March 17th 2018

2018: March 17th at Pen Park 

For 2018 Race Results: Click Here

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For 2018 Runner Photos: Click Here

2017: March 26th at Pen Park

For 2017 Race Results- CLICK HERE

For 2017 Race Photos- CLICK HERE

2016: March 20th - Cancelled due to weather 

2015: March 22nd at Pen Park

    2015 Race Winners:
        First Place Male: Michael Silvay- 20:39
        First Place Female: Emily Elias- 24:45
        First Place Youth Male: Matthew Thompson- 33:05
        First Place Youth Female: Mia Tyree- 39:39
    Full Race Results
    For more 2015 Fix A Leak Family 5K race photos, got to our Water Conservation Facebook Page

2014: in March at Pen Park

2013: in March at Pen Park


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Pictures from Past Fix a Leak Events

2015 Fix A Leak Family 5K Flo and Friend2015 Fix A Leak Family 5K start of the race 2015 Fix a Leak Family 5K Flo with some runnersMother and child with Flo the EPA WaterSense mascot at 2013 Fix A Leak Family 5K

The running toilet in the 2013 Fix A Leak 5KGroup of runners in the 2013 Fix A Leak 5k