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water conservation

Charlottesville Water offers a full range of services, from installation to repair, for your convenience. The following information will assist you in contacting our offices.

To Report a Problem:

Call Charlottesville Water

Anytime - Day or Night
(434) 970-3800 or
(434) 293-9164


If you have found a water leak outside of your home, please contact us right away. If the leak is located in the piping between the water meter and the main, we will repair it free of charge. However, if the leak is located in a pipe that is on the homeowner's side of the meter, then the homeowner must contact a plumber for repair.

For more info on finding and reporting water leaks: Click Here

2017 Annual Water Quality Report: Click Here

Have a water quality question or concern?
Check out our webpage of Charlottesville Water Quality.
Our current Annual Water Quality Report is available HERE.
If you can't find the answer to your question or have an emergency water quality question call the 24/7 Charlottesville Water Utility Dispatcher at (434) 970-3800. 


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To Obtain Water Service:


For... contact... by calling:

   Utility Billing Office

(434) 970-3211
  • Installation of a new meter
  • Report a water leak
  • Report a water quality concern
   Public Utilities, Water

(434) 970-3800


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Call Miss Utility Before You Dig!


Before doing any construction, excavation or digging on your premises, you are responsible for calling MISS UTILITY to have underground utility lines located and marked. This is done to avoid disruption in utility services to your home, as well as to those of your neighbors.

1-800 552-7001


To request information in person, visit Charlottesville Water:

Department of Public Works
Public Utilities Division
305 4th Street NW
Charlottesville, VA 22903


To learn more about City water focused rebates and incentives visit our Water Conservation Rebate & Incentives Website.

To learn more about drinking water standards, visit the Environmental Protection Agency's Safewater Website.

To learn more about the City's Water Conservation efforts and resources please visit our Water Conservation Page.


For more information, contact:

Charlottesville Water
(434) 970-3800

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