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Flicker the Flame was born in the City of Charlottesville on May 22nd, 2007. Since birth, Flicker has been busy promoting gas safety at events around the city as a GSA, or Gas Safety Ambassador. Flicker the Flame also visits elementary schools and summer camps throughout Charlottesville and Albemarle County as part of the Flicker @ Your Classroom program. Flicker was recently promoted to Gas Mascot, and now helps spread the word about the many benefits of natural gas.

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Flicker’s Profile:


Name: Flicker the Flame                   Weight: 143 lb               Height: 6’5”             Birthday: 5/22/2007


Home: City of Charlottesville, Gas Department Job: Gas Mascot


Favorite color: All shades of blue

Favorite song: "Act Naturally" by the Beatles


Favorite book: Flicker the Flame - Natural Gas Activity Book 


Pet peeve: People not calling VA 811 before they dig. It’s a FREE service!!!!


Hobby: Playing with children and teaching them about natural gas and gas safety.


One thing you want everyone to know about you: I don’t really SMELL!!! The companies add mercaptan to me to create the rotten-egg-like smell.  The things I sacrifice for safety.


Use 4 words that most accurately describe you: Warm, Safe, Blue, and Reliable.


 Photo of Flicker with children

Flicker at the Government Service Day, May 2007

Photo of Flicker in a Charlottesville Gas truck in the parade

Flicker at the Dogwood Parade, April 2008

Photo of Flicker with kids at a summer camp 

Flicker visiting the summer camp at Stone Robinson Elementary, July 2008

Photo of Flicker at the WVPT Kid's Book Festival

Flicker at the WVPT Kid's Book Festival, September 2012

 Photo of Flicker with Washington Nationals Presidents at a UVA baseball game

Flicker at a UVa Baseball Game, March 2013

 Flicker the Flame at a UVA Baseball Game in 2014

Flicker at a UVa Baseball Game, April 2014

winter postcard w/ flicker


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