Charlottesville Snow/Ice Response Team

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City Manager’s Office

  • Public Information
  • Closure/Delayed Opening of City Offices
  • Determination/Announcement of Formal End of Event to Trigger 24 hour citizen requirement to clear sidewalk snow
  • Approval of Level 4 Emergency Snow Routes

Neighborhood Development Services

  • Enforcement of City Code re: Sidewalk Clearance

Police Department

  • Enforcement of City Code in Right-of-Way
  • Reporting of Problem Streets
  • Major Intersection Management During Power Outage

Parks & Recreation

  • Snow Removal, Pre-Treatment and De-Icing Of:
    • Sidewalks Abutting City Property
    • Downtown Pedestrian Mall & Side Streets
    • P&R Facility Parking Lots

Fire Department

  • Mutual coordination in crisis situations (trees in power lines, etc.)

Public Works – Public Service Division

  •  Drivers, Equipment for Snow Plowing in Streets
  • Provision of Anti-Icing, De-Icing Agents: Salt, Salt Brine, Liquid Chemical For All Departments/ Divisions
  • Pre-Treatment of Streets
  • General Planning, Coordination
  • Fielding of Citizen Queries

Public Works – Utilities Division

  •  Drivers, Equipment for Snow Plowing in Streets
  • Clearing of City-Owned Parking Lots (excludes P&R, Schools)
  • Dispatch Office Supports Calls from Public, City Departments, 911 Center

Public Works – Fleet Division

  • Preparation of Snow Equipment for Season
  • Recommendations, Procurement of Snow Equipment Throughout Year
  • 24/7 Repair of Snow Equipment 

Public Works – Transit Division

  • Snow Removal at Major Bus Stops
  • AM Assessment of Condition of School Bus Routes

Public Works – Facilities Maintenance Division

  •  Snow Removal, Pre-Treatment and De-Icing Of School Parking Lots, J&DR Court Garage
  • Decision Support for School Closure/Delay