Leaf Collection

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The City of Charlottesville provides free curbside leaf collection in November, December, and January. In October, each household receives a roll of free plastic bags to use to collect their leaves. Additionally, the City will conduct a spring bagged leaf collection in early April.

Leaves are brought to a local farm for composting

Bagged Leaf Collection (Fall and Spring)

The City will be conducting its annual spring bagged leaf collection operations beginning April 10th and ending on April 14th. Please have your bagged leaves placed curbside by 7:00am on Monday April 10th for collection sometime that week. Spring bagged leaf collection will be for this week only.

Please note:

  1. Bagged leaf collection will begin on April 10, 2017 and end on April 14, 2017.
  2. Only clear plastic bags supplied FREE by the City during the Fall collection period will be collected.
  3. Fill bags only 3/4 full.
  4. Set bags UPRIGHT at the curb or street edge, NOT on sidewalk.
  5. Bags exceeding 50 lbs. will not be collected.
  6. Bags containing ANY household items, sticks, wood, metal, or plastics, WILL NOT BE COLLECTED.


Loose Leaf Collection (Fall Only)

Residents may use bags for bagged leaf collection or rake their loose leaves to the curb twice per season. Loose leaves will be vacuumed twice per season. Please rake your loose leaves to the curb by 7:00 am on the start date specified for your zone, but no more than three days before the first scheduled day of collection for your street.

Click here for  the detailed Leaf Map 2016, which includes collection dates for your zone.

For more information, call (434) 970-3830 or email.