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Generating Electricity to Reduce Utility Bills and Emissions

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The City of Charlottesville has solar photovoltaic (PV) systems installed on City maintained facilities with more planned for installation. Each system has a data monitor that tracks most, if not all of, the system’s energy production.

The first three systems installed represent different scales of solar power generation with a medium-large array (Charlottesville High School), a small-medium array (City Facilities Maintenance Building), and a residential-sized scale (ecoREMOD Energy House). Completed in 2016, the Fontaine Fire Station array is the newest one in the City's portfolio. As more systems come online, they will be added to our data tracking.

Performance data from the systems are provided below and roll up numbers will be updated periodically. This data can be used as a starting point for residential and non-residential properties considering benefits of solar power, the potential generation capacity, and the potential for monthly reductions on utility bills. 

Data on all solar facilities

View the online interactive dashboard for the City solar facilities

Online Dashboard - Overview

Updated with data through Dec 2015:

System Name Type

Data Monitor & 
System Installed

Capacity (kW) Average Annual
Production (kWh)
Average Annual
Efficiency (kWh/kW)
Lifetime Production
Charlottesville High School Commercial Early 2012 112 136,781 1,221 547,125
Facilities Maintenance Commercial  Early 2013 21.1  23,620  1,118  72,411 
ecoREMOD Energy House  Residential  Late 2010   5.81  6,462* 1,112  26,149 
Lugo McGinness  Commercial Late 2015  9.44 TBD TB 94
Fontaine Fire Station  Commercial  Early 2016  17.7  TBD  TBD   TBD
Combined Systems Total  166.07   166,863 1,151  645,778 

*ecoREMOD 2015 data is estimated based on previous years' averages

Data on individual solar facilities

Charlottesville High School (CHS) – The CHS project has two parts totaling over 100 kW of power potential: a stationary rooftop panel array and two ground pole-mounted arrays that track the sun’s movement across the sky. Energy production information below represents 112 kW of the rooftop and pole-mounted arrays. This solar PV system is expected to provide about 1/8 of CHS’s annual electricity usage.

CHS Solar Roof PV CHS Solar Pole-mount


 View the online solar dashboard for CHS
Online Dashboard - CHS

Facilities Maintenance (FM) Building – The FM building’s 20 kW solar array is oriented due south and is mounted on the roof. The array is expected to provide over ½ of the building’s expected annual electricity usage.

FM solar bldg




View this system's lifetime production and the interactive dashboard

Online Dashboard - FM



ecoREMOD Energy House – The ecoREMOD Energy House project renovation included both a residential sized solar PV system and a solar thermal system. The solar thermal system heats the water used for showers, washing machines, and other household potable uses. The solar PV system provides electricity for the house. Since coming online, ecoREMOD has been mostly used as office space. Monthly electricity bills are often in the single digits.

ecoREMOD solar PV ecoREMOD solar thermal


Click here to view the interactive ecoREMOD Dashboard

Online Dashboard - ecoREMOD


Fontaine Fire Station – The Fontaine Fire Station solar PV system was completed in early 2016. The system is 17.7 kW.

PV on Fontaine FS Roof

Fontaine Fire Station - Solar



Buford Greenhouse Off-Grid Solar System – A small completely off-grid solar PV system was installed at Buford Middle School in 2014 to power the ventilation fans for the greenhouse. The system has 3 pole mounted solar PV panels totaling 390 watts attached to batteries with a storage capacity of 4,176 watts. The system powers the greenhouse's two ventilation fans (16” 12v DC) and a small 375w DC to AC inverter to provide 120v AC for small additional loads (such as a laptop, radio, or cordless tool battery charger).  


Image of Installation of Buford Greenhouse Solar System

solar system