Employment Opportunities

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Job Description

Charlottesville Police Officers protect the people and property of Charlottesville by regularly patrolling assigned areas within the city in police vehicles, bicycles, and on foot. Officers respond to calls-for-service made by citizens, initiate investigations into criminal and traffic offenses, enforce local and state laws, uphold the United States Constitution, and regularly testify in courts of law. 

Starting salary for entry level recruits: $41,932.80 

Equal Employment Opportunity Plan Policy Statement

The City of Charlottesville Police Department is committed to equal employment opportunities to qualified individuals irrespective of race, age, national origin, creed, or other factors not related to job performance, and complies with all applicable state and federal laws governing fair and equitable treatment of employees.

As outlined in departmental and City policies, employees of the Police Department have recourse through the City’s grievance procedure, as well as state code to resolve matters related to allegations of discriminatory practices.  These policies are communicated to employees in writing.

A copy of the Police Department’s Equal Employment Opportunity Plan (EEOP) Short Form is available to the public and may be obtained from the City of Charlottesville’s Department of Human Resources.

Current Hiring Process

Police Officer Employment Criteria

Certified Officer Incentive Program

City Internal Police Recruitment Program

Other Employment Opportunities

 If you have interest in employment opportunities with the Charlottesville Police Department, please contact the Office of Professional Development at (434) 970-3372 or JoinCPD@charlottesville.org