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If you would like to place your name on this list, please contact Chris Carr at carrc@charlottesville.org . Please include in email your phone number, what sport, positions and experience you have.

Volleyball Teams looking for Players


Volleyball Players looking for teams

Andrei Piskunov-Hello!  My name i Andrei Piskunov, I'm looking to join Volleyball team. I'm 34 yo and 5' 4". I play regular with Albermale county, but would like to play more. 434-328-0754. 1/26

Glenna Allison- Hello! My name is Glenna, I'm 24 and I've played volleyall for a little over 6 years! I am currently on a Womens BB team and I'm looking to join a Co-ed team! I am a setter and I enjoy playing back row! I'm looking to join a team that plays to win, but can still have fun even if we don't win. Email me if you're interested! GlennaAllison42@yahoo.com 1/4

Megan Williams-hello! My name is Megan Williams, I’m 29, 5’11 and can play all three hitting positions and set decently. Can hold on my own back row as well. Played all 4 years in high school and went to a D3 school to continue to play in college as a right side. Played in DC the past 8 years on Co-Ed teams but excited to play on  women’s side!  I’m looking for division BB1 or lower.  mamberwilliams@gmail.com 1/4

Meg O'Dwyer - My names Meg and I'm looking for a co-ed or womens team to join! I'm 24 and I've been playing pick up volleyball, both indoor and sand, for the last few years in DC, looking to find some new folks to play with at the C or B level in Charlottesville. My phone number is 5712942709 and my email is mbodwyer@gmail.com. Thanks! 12/10

Gabriel McGann-Hi my name is Gabe and I’m looking to join a men’s or co-ed volleyball team. I’ve played most of HS and beach volleyball in College. Trying to stay active after playing football most of my life and graduating college. Please email at gmcgann@liberty.edu if you have any open spots. 12/6

Erin Rieck-My name is Erin and I am looking to join a women's A team.  I am a UVa graduate and I played on the UVa women's club team as a DS/L.  I have about a decade of experience and I consider myself very competitive.  I would like to join a team that is also competitive!  Feel free to text me at 804-512-6499 or email at err3vf@virginia.edu. 12/5

Brandy Newbanks- My name is Brandy and I haven't gotten to play volleyball in the last couple years but I was on women and men leagues from 2006 to 2015. I've played right side hitter and middle for my normal positions, but I can play in any position a willing team would need me to play in. My phone number is 308-249-5637, and my email is b-new-b@hotmail.com. I hope to hear back from someone soon so I can get back in to this amazing sport! 11/27

Erin Voss- My name is Erin Voss, and I’m looking to play on a B women’s or possibly co-rec team this winter. I’m 24 and 5’9”, and I played competitively on my high school and local travel volleyball teams, and recreationally during college. I’m happy anywhere on the front row (I've mostly played middle and outside), and am comfortable on defense as well. I’d love to get back into the game, so let me know if you need a player! You can reach me at 434-882-2083 or erinvoss29@gmail.com. 11/21

Niel Namat - My name is Niel and I am new here in charlottesville. I already played for over 6 years volleyball at my old home and now I want to continue playing this great sport. Is it possible to join you once on a thursday evening (men's team)?  I can be contacted via email at niel@namat.de. 10/24 

Kim Grover - all around player but prefer to set. Looking to fill in on women's B and A teams, or co-red on Wednesday. I've been playing for years, so you've probably seen me around! 434-249-7864. 10/10

Jonathan Swap- My name is Jonathan Swap, and I am looking for a volleyball team to be a part of. I play at RVC (Richmond Volleyball Club) and would like to play in Charlottesville as well.  I am about 6'/6'1", and I am a setter and libero, but I can play all around.  I would like to play level A.  I also have played doubles in sand volleyball tournaments at VA Beach.  I love volleyball and am looking forward to play this fall.  Please contact me at jonswap13@gmail.com or text me at 434-825-2739. 9/11

Bobby Lunka- Hello, My name is Bobby Lunka and I would like to play on a co-ed team. I am 6’0 and have been playing year-round recreational volleyball for the past three years in Charlottesville. I am currently captaining a volleyball team for another league. I prefer to play on the outside, but I am a versatile player and would like to contribute in any way I can. I would like to compete in the B or BB level. Call me at 804-363-1189. My email is blunka@hotmail.com. Thank you and I look forward to playing on your team. 8/30

Jamie Money- Hi everyone! My name is Jamie, I am 29, 5'4" and I moved here at the beginning of August.  I have been playing volleyball since middle school and was all-state in high school! I continued playing competitively on my University's club travel team. I can play wherever you need me. I have indoor, grass, sand, and co-rec experience. Feel free to text! Email: jjm235@nau.edu Cell: 928-814-2908 8/29

Jenn Hawley-  Hey, my name is Jenn and I just moved to Charlottesville two weeks ago! I would love to get back into playing volleyball. I played all throughout middle and high school as captain. I am 20 years old and 5'8". I played outside but would be happy anywhere on the court! Let me know if you have a spot on your team! You can reach me at jenniferhawley0@gmail.com. 8/21

Micah Kayser-  Hi! My name is Micah and I just moved back to Charlottesville and am looking to play on a Women's B team this fall. I played in middle school and high school and recreationally through college (setter and defensive specialist). If you need someone to play on your team please let me know! I can be reached at micah.kayser@gmail.com 8/7 

Glenna Allison- I am 23, and a new Charlottsville transplant from Oklahoma! I'm looking for a team to join! I played volleyball for 6 years, and I've played every position except outside hitter, but I specialize as libero and setter. I'm strong at backrow attacks and covering tips over the net. I'd love to play, so give me a shout! GlennaAllison42@yahoo.com 7/31

Min Kwak- Hi!  My name is Min and I am new to town looking to join a B womens or coed volleyball team.  I am 5'6" mostly defensive specialist with front row aspirations.  I played travel league in middle school and varsity as a freshman in high school.  Played only recreation after.  Please let me know if you have an opening on your team!  Email: min.y.kwak@gmail.com 7/21

Courtney Edwards - 28 y/o female, 6' tall, a few years volleyball experience in rec leagues. Moving to Cville at the beginning of August and looking forward to joining a team. Looking to join or sub for a Women's B or C team. I can be reached at 816-809-7550 or edwardsce@outlook.com 7/10

Becket Hui – 5'10'', experienced volleyball player. Would like to play setter in Men’s BB team for summer. Text: 832-671-6261, email: ch4jm@virginia.edu  6/9

Sarah Bowles- I am new to Charlottesville looking to join a co-ed A or BB team. I am 5’4” and I played in college as a setter/right side hitter. I just graduate in May so I shouldn’t be too out of the motions yet. I love volleyball and can be reached at sarah@cherryave.net or (804)-617-1096  6/7

Meghan Cloud - I'm 5'4", 44 y/o, small, and in good physical condition looking to join a B/ C league team. I've played only recreationally over the years (pick-up games in parks, high school gym class, etc.). I am not sufficiently advanced to have a position preference and would benefit from a review of the rules. I've always enjoyed volleyball and would really like to meet a new group of people while I'm at it. I can be reached at meghancloud06@yahoo.com 5/16

Colleen Guinn- I am a current law student interested in joining a women's BB team or something close to it (not opposed to co-rec either). I'm 5'10" and have mostly played middle, with some right-side hitting as well. I played four years on my college's club team, but I graduated in 2014 and haven't played much since so I'm hoping to shake off the dust and get back into it. I can be reached at (605) 929-8269 or ceg8fb@virginia.edu  5/16. 

Lindsey Weidman- I am interesting in joining a volleyball team. I have played all though high school and played on a traveling team.  Played in the parks and rec before for a couple of years. I usually play back row or as a setter. Thanks. I can be contacted via email linzweidman@gmail.com. 5/10

 Briana Chrispin- I am 5’7” and interested in joining a women’s league team B or C level. I have experience playing with friends in a recreational setting but am interested in learning more about the game. Thanks. I can be contacted via email at brichrispin@gmail.com  5/9 

Evan King- 6'3".Played college football. I grew up playing volleyball recreationally. Would prefer outside hitter, but willing to play anything. I have competed in outdoor doubles tournaments. It has been a while since I've played, but I can pick it up again quickly. Open to Men's B and BB or Co-Rec. 304-667-4244, 09eking@gmail.com   4/21

 Katie Long- I am interested joining a team or filling in (whichever people need!) in A or B league. I am a 25 year old retired 5'7" college outside hitter (experience in all positions except libero), I played in college and graduated in 2014. I have played in some county leagues throughout grad school and would like to keep playing! If anyone has any openings or is even down for some pick-up feel free to contact me, my email is katie.g.long@gmail.com and my phone number is (540)239-3407. 4/14

Eric Bedford- I'm looking to join a volleyball team. I'd like to play in open or A level men's and coed if I can find a team for both. I've played in college and semi professional. Also, I've coached a 16 and 17 national team and officiated at the college level. I'm 6'6" tall and can play any position, middle and outside at the college and semi pro level. Also, I've set at the college level. I can be contacted at 804-586-7732 or via email at hockeybedford17@gmail.com 3/13 

Mary-Huffard Kegley- I am interested in playing Monday Women's Volleyball league. Played & officiated high school and college. Just returning to the sport after many years. Would like to start  in the B league. Can be contacted  at (434) 760-1142 or via email at maryhuffard@gmail.com 3/8

Cynthia Leon- Hello I am available to join or sub in for Wed night B or C co-rec teams if you're short on players. Good all-around player- no specialty, but can hold my own! Played several seasons of Cville Parks and Rec Vball, but no team of my own this season. Also have a guy friend who would be interested. Contact me at (407) 375-1825   surfnalu@gmail.com  2/13

Danielle Kessinger- I am interested in joining a volleyball league. I am 26 years old and played for 4 years in high school. I haven’t played in awhile but confident I can pick up the sport again. My position is usually libero but can be flexible with my position! I can be contacted at 513-607-0366 and kessindm@gmail.com 

Julie A. Radlinski- I am looking to join either high level co-ed or women’s volleyball leagues this year.  I recently moved to Charlottesville from Los Angeles, where I was very active in competitive vball indoors and on the beach.  I was a D3 Libero in college (Elite 8 team), having played club and high school in CA.  I have played USAV Nationals (except last year) for the past 7 years, both at the A and BB levels.  I am comfortable hitting/blocking as well. Given I haven’t played in a few months with the move, I’d probably be more comfortable playing some Co-Ed to start, but open to both! Let me know if you need a sub any time! julieann.berkley@gmail.com  (714) 612-3835

Jack Deming-I'm 5'11, 29 years old, and interested in playing for a Co-Rec and Men's A team. I am willing to sub for BB teams, as well. I've been playing for a couple years in Charlottesville. I played libero for a Men's A team from Maryland at USAV Nationals in Orlando this past year. I can also play outside and right side. I'm available to play or sub for a 2nd team on Thursdays. I can be reached at jack_deming@yahoo.com. 1/5/17 

Rebecca Cromack-I'm 25 years old and looking for a women's volleyball team to join. I played throughout high school on varsity and miss the game. I have played all positions and am comfortable in all as well. I can be reached at rebeccacromack@gmail.com or 540-207-9253. 1/5/17

Avis Fields-I play the outside/middle. My experience includes high school and Division II volleyball. I was also the assistant coach at the school I attended for 4 years. I coached some junior Olympic teams for 4 years. Currently, I coach a JV private school team. I am 5'7 who jump serves and has an excellent look of the court. I can be reached at 704-222-3222 or avisf@hotmail.com

Mareile- I'm an au pair from Germany living in Charlottesville. I have 8 years of experience playing Volleyball. I haven’t played in two years but I would love to play again. Please contact me via email at mareile.hinkelmann@gmail.com

Steven Rowe- I'm interested in the coed volleyball league this winter. I don't know any of the teams, so if there is one that is looking for a male player, can you reach out to me please? I'm not the best player but am not the worst, so I'd prefer to play in the middle league, but will take what I can get! I appreciate the help. I have been playing every year on vacation which I've been doing since I was young. Also, I played in the coed league a couple years ago for 3 seasons. stevenrowe12@gmail.com

Richard Layne-   I am interested in playing on a team. I used to play years ago on a Men’s team and co-rec. I also played in tournaments and leagues. I’ve played outdoors doubles I BB and A divisions. Would Love to get back into the game. My number is 434-962-2190 richardlayne87@yahoo.com    11/4

Blake Parkes- I am looking to join a women's or co-ed volleyball team this winter. I played high-school, club and Division III volleyball and have played every position except middle. I am a nurse at the hospital, so my schedule is not entirely predictable, but I'd love to be a sub for a team if that's more feasible.   bparkes11@su.edu    10/24

 Angelica Lee Laws- I'm looking to join a team this winter for women's volleyball. I used to play varsity and club all through high school and miss the game.  angelicalee.rva@gmail.com    10/11 

Rachel D'Epagnier- I'm new to Charlottesville and am looking for a way to play some volleyball. I'm 6'1" and played Division 1 ball in undergrad.  Since graduating I've played a lot of co-ed, 4's and doubles so I'll play pretty much anywhere (except maybe setting. I have terrible hands. haha).  I was a middle in college so I can hit wherever on a women's net, but I'm better at the pins on a guy’s net. Unfortunately, until December the only open night in my schedule is Thursdays. rachel.depagnier@gmail.com and  267-421-6604    10/11

Jessica DeGiacomo- I'm relatively new to the area looking to join a team and strengthen my skills! I am interested in either Women's B or Co-Rec B. I played volleyball with friends a year ago and then joined a team here with some co workers last season. I'm looking to play some volleyball, meet some people, and have some fun! Contact me at jdegiacomo@my.uri.edu   9/27 

 Amanda Stanzione- I played volleyball all through high school for the school and on a very competitive travel team, and have played occasionally since then (I'm 21 now).  I'm open to play on any team, co-rec or women, at any skill level, but preferably I'd like to play on a team with fairly good knowledge of the sport and has some basic skills to get a real volley going.  I played outside hitter and defensive specialist throughout high school but can play pretty much anywhere except setter.  I might be a bit rusty to start but I think after a few games and some practice I'll be good to go.  My phone number is (914) 523-2842.  amanda.stanzione@gmail.com  9/22 

Annie Bernacchi - I am 26 years old and played competitive club volleyball from age 10-18, was MVP of my high school varsity team in Indiana, and played top 25 DIII volleyball in college.  I am a 5'7" setter.  I haven't been able to play very much over the last few years, but still work out often.  I would be interested in playing women's or coed.  ann.bernacchi@gmail.com (574) 210-4699   9/22

Johnny Pastrana-  I just recently relocated to C'Ville about a month ago and I'm interested in finding a place in town to play volleyball. I played volleyball for over 20 years. I've also coached and reffed.  I have a experience as a setter, OH, and libero, but prefer setting. I'll be interested to jump in a coed league A/B, or men's league A/B. 210-716-3572  pastranaj.13@gmail.com  9/21

Bridgette Rodgers - I played volleyball in high school and in several adult leagues but haven't played in a few years.  I'd like to find a women's team, not super competitive but also one that knows and understands basic positions and skills.  bbaugher@gmail.com    9/6

Nora Saunders- I would love to play this fall. I played on a co-rec BB team last spring, but I'd ideally like to move to B (either co-rec, women's, or both). My cell is 609-439-2777 and my email is noramsaunders@gmail.com. Thanks!   9/1

 Ruth-  I'm new to Charlottesville area and looking for a volleyball team (women's or co-ed) BB. I've played recreational tournaments since 2002, but haven't in the last 2 years. I typically played outside hitter, and my strength is defense....201-803-1605 ruthdobric@aol.com    8/30

 Sara Byers- I'm new to the area looking to join a team! Interested in either Women's B or Co-Rec B. I played a bit in high school and am looking to get back into it to meet people in the area and have some fun! 757-870-4180 sarar3984@yahoo.com   8/29

Liz Wright - I have recently moved to the area and am looking to meet people and play a little volleyball. I was starting outside hitter for 4 years at a low level D1 program from '00-'03. I have been out of the game for a few years but would certainly be a good contribution on defense until I get my jumping legs back. Looking to join a team but will sub if needed. (415) 728-5696, elizabethewright@gmail.com    8/29

Greg Tylka- I'm looking for a men's or coed team.  I have several years experience playing on B level men's teams, BB level coed teams, and beach volleyball in the summer.  I prefer hitting, but I'm comfortable setting.  My number is 434-242-7336, greg.tylka@gmail.com   8/29

Michaela Rikard-  Just moved to the area and looking to get in with the volleyball community! Used to play club ball. Coming from the Raleigh area where I played in a lot of competitive leagues and tournaments. 6'0" MH for women's or OH for coed. Looking for a competitive team that knows how to have a good time in women's or coed A! smr2we@virginia.edu  8/18 

Patty Spath - I am a Women's B player and I would love to play volleyball. Looking to join a team in the fall
540.294.2261 majortxtrmom@gmail.com   8/12

Tim Cwalina- I am not an expert, I did not play in high school or college. My experience is in tournaments played at a summer family camp in PA one week per year since my early teenage days. However, I am a 6'8" former UVA football player, so I am definitely coach-able with athleticism and a competitive drive. I look forward to meeting new people in the area, learning more about the game, and having fun by competing. My cell number is (412) 576-1690, and my email is tjc2ej@virginia.edu  8/12

Hamid Karimi- I am interested in joining an adult volleyball team in Charlottesville. I am a novice when it comes to volleyball. I have only played a few times with friends in small teams. My objective simply is to learn a few techniques, get back in shape and have fun. I intend to play 2 or 3 times a week, if possible. (434) 305-9966    karimi@karimigallery.com  8/2

Eve Ruotsinoja - I am 5'9 and can play on a team or sub, preferably Monday nights, but possibly Wednesdays. I played high school varsity volleyball. I have more experience playing middle, but would probably be of better use to most teams as an outside or right side hitter. Can play most positions, though I'm probably not the best setter. Email or call. ruoeve@gmail.com / 651-308-5340.   7/28

Mary Masincup- I am interested in playing volleyball on a team or as a sub. I have played since I was 10 years old, participating in JV and Varsity volleyball high school teams and a varsity college team in PA. I prefer setting or hitting in club games, but I will play basically any position except for middle hitter. I haven't played middle since high school. Having just moved back to VA from Iowa, I am desperately missing volleyball! (5'7") masincupm@yahoo.com 540-292-9785  7/25 

Rob Hoover - 5' 10" all around player looking to sub or join a co-rec team on Wed nights.  I played competitively in high school and intramurals in college.  I've just gotten back into playing over the last couple of years sporadically and would love to join a team.  Call, text or email - 404 960 0420 or Rnhoove@gmail.com  7/5

Gabbi DeGennaro- I’m 6’0” rising junior at AHS. I‘ve been playing volleyball since I was 11. I played on the JV team my freshmen year and played Varsity my sophomore year. The last 3yrs I’ve played state level volleyball with CAV. I play middle blocker but can hit from anywhere along the front row. I typically hit a fast ball such as a 1 in the Middle Position.         gabbi.marc@gmail.com 434-962-1077    6/22

Claire Wayand- looking to be join an all women's team or possibly co-ed. I played JV and Varsity in high school and played 2 years of intramurals in college, this past year my team won the women's competitive intramural league. I am about 5'6" and can play every position pretty well. I am best at back row and have great serves. claire@wayand.com and it is best to reach me by text at: 434-409-7206 5/20

Becket Hui – I am 5'10'', experienced volleyball player; not a very big hitter, but pretty consistent in all skills. I can play setter, weak side, and outside. Would like to join Men or Co-ed at BB level for summer. Would be interested in forming a free agent team also. Text: 832-671-6261, email: ch4jm@virginia.edu 5/18

 Cheyanne Williams- Hi there! Just a few days new to Charlottesville and already itching to play some ball. Overall hitter. Played middle school, high school, and some college. Looking for a women's and/or co-ed team for the summer. Text/call: 334-439-9984. Email: cheywill2016@gmail.com

Kelly Falk- I’m a 5'11" and I play middle or outside hitter. I played all through high school and on lots of rec leagues. I'm 27, looking for a women's team and co-ed as well. I'm also willing to fill in if a team just needs a sub! 540.259.0011   kellyfalk@yahoo.com   5/6

Marieke Cappa-   I am looking to play on a women's B league team. I have played past seasons in the city league. I played in  high school as setter and opposite hitter. marieke.cappa@gmail.com  4/6

Brian Mead - I am looking for a team to play volleyball with! I have limited experience playing indoor, but I have played weekly outdoor pickup sand volleyball each April - October for the past 3 years. I am still learning the strategy of indoor but I have some basic skill. 717-916-4309 bpm4me@virginia.edu 3/29

Dana Lam - (volleyball - women's league) I played 4 years in high school, 2 years of intramural in college, and some rec leagues here and there. OH but can also play right side. If totally necessary, I can set. I'm currently playing weekly. Total years experience: 13. I'm 27 and 5'8. Open to playing at any level. Text or call 517-930-3965 or email danarlam12@gmail.com 

Ailish Hall- I would love to play volleyball for your spring league. I am an outside hitter but can also hit inside. I am a senior in high school and I played CAVC volleyball about 3 years ago on the state level team.  (434)-327-6145 ahnorahs27@gmail.com

Bob Dorsey- and I'm just getting back into volleyball after a long absence.  I've been warming up for a year in church co-rec play and with the Walleyball crew at ACAC this Winter.  I'm looking to join a co-rec team at the C or B level.  I'm able to do all 5 plays but best at bump, pass  and set. bobdorsey58@gmail.com 3/17

Edouard Beardsley- I am 6’6” inches I have 5 years playing on varsity team in middle and high school. Recruited by number of colleges but did not end up playing because schools were not correct academic fit for me. I play outside hitter (best and preferred position), middle. In HS I was selected to the all-tournament and awarded twice as an all-European all-star. 3x consecutive MVP in high school. I would like to join a men's A team (preferred), or men's BB team, as well as co-rec A team (preferred) or co-rec BB team. I am new to Charlottesville and am dying to play some good level volleyball. I feel that I would be a great fit for a team in Charlottesville.  207-610-2210 edouard.beardsley@gmail.com 3/16

Irene Fulk- I have been playing here in women's and CoRec leagues for over 10 years. I am looking to play on a CoRec team and possibly another women's team preferably in the BB leagues.  I usually play middle on Women's and either outside or rightside on CoRec. ijfulk@embarqmail.com 981-2513 3/16

Brian Costello- I am interested in the adult softball league if any teams need a player. I am 38 years old and just moved to the area a few months ago. I've played softball on and off for the last 15 years and play any position. If there are for instance 3 levels of teams, I would place myself in the middle level..it's been 2 years since I last played. My number is 434-760-6856 brian_costello@yahoo.com 3/14

Mike- played many years in Norfolk. Would like to set for a competitive men's team, or hit/set on a competitive co-ed team. Email: mikemather106@gmail.com or call/text 434-333-9464.   2/25

Avi- I would like to sub for  the Co rec and men’s league, intermediate to advance level. Outside hitter. guggurama@gmail.com  434 249 7323         1/13/16

Nora Saunders- I'm looking to join both a women's team and a co-ed team for the winter season. I just moved to Cville this summer but I played vball on leagues for the past 4 years in DC. I think I should be in one of the lower two levels based on the descriptions. I'm really hoping I can join two teams for this season! noramsaunders@gmail.com 609-439-2777   1/12/16


Michael and Sarah Christopher- have played recreational volleyball before. Looking to join a co-rec team together if possible. sally.christopher520@gmail.com  708-305-4601       12/15

Tullia Lynch- 409-5164- tullia.lynch@gmail.com- Played volleyball in the past, looking to join a women's team on Monday nights. 12/2 

David Schmidt – 434-305-4220 – Co-Rec – year round the past 20 plus years at the “BB” level - experienced all-around (defense/set/serve/hit/block) player who willingly shares the ball looking for position on established team or to pull together a team for the 2016 Winter Season   12/2

Elaine Graziano, 434-906-8185 LG1716@gmail.com -played two years on middle school team and two seasons on CAVC club teams. Very interested in joining a team! 11/30

Sunshine Seddwick- 540-672-7996- Looking to join a women's team or possibly co-rec. Played in high school and looking to get back in the sport. 10/12

Zach Fuller - zlfuller89@gmail.com - I'm a 26 year old male, 6'3" tall. I played at the national club level for RVC, as well as high school. Typically started as an OH, but I can play any position. Looking for any team/league from social to competitive. 434-566-9760 10/3

My name is Carleigh O'Brien, and I'm looking for a volleyball team (women's or co-ed) in need!  I'm 24, 5'6'', and I played volleyball (both club and for school) from middle school through my second year of college.  Since then I've played recreational and sand volleyball every now and then, but I'm looking to get back into it.  I typically played DS/libero, but I can pass for a setter as well.  Phone: 317-445-7025  9/28  co2hh@virginia.edu 

Becket Hui- I would like to play in the men’s league, intermediate to advance level. I played middle in high school competitively. Since then I have been playing for fun mostly as setter. However, I have been playing sand ball exclusively for the past two years so my set needs some time to adjust for indoor. So, I would like to play weak side hitter in league if there is an open spot.
My number is 832-671-6261    9/2

Amanda- 589-3745- I am a recreational player looking to join a women's team for Fall. 8/31

Kaity Vance- kcv3se@virginia.edu - I played middle hitter all throughout middle and high school (I'm 6') and have played occasionally since then. Cannot play on Wednesday nights, but interested in other leagues! 757- 709-2468  8/31

Steve Majewski - srm4n@virginia.edu - C’ville B league player (outside and middle hitter) for almost 2 decades, most recently on the Subdudes, which won’t be in the league this season.  Looking to have a chance to play (even as a sub).  434-825-1171  8/21

Luis Montalvo - lmontalvo30@hotmail.com 434-981-3066 - looking to play on a men's team.  Has played competitive levels in Ecuador prior to moving to Virginia.  Has also coached at the high school level.  New to the parks and recreation leagues and want to play.