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If you would like to place your name on this list, please contact Chris Carr at Please include in email your phone number, positions and experience you have.

Softball Teams looking for Players

Larry Stremikis - Looking for Seniors 55+ and ladies 40+ who want to get back into softball and can play Tues. & Thurs. mornings 9:00 AM Darden Towe Park. 434-328-2420

Softball Players Looking for a Team in 2018


Susan Fenner - Hi, I am 41, played softball in high school and some co-rec in my twenties and would like to get back into it.  Mainly played outfield but okay with playing infield or where ever.  Been a while since I played but would like to play now for fun, exercise, etc.  You can include my email address and phone number 434-960-5141 or 2/22

Bill Blackford - Hi, my name is Bill Blackford and I'm 50 years old. I'm looking to join a team this spring 2018. Preferably a co-ed team (more fun) but I can play in men's league. Can be a sub too. I have played on men's and co-ed teams in the past including a co-ed league in Charlottesville back in 2010 I believe it was. I can hit for power and average and switch hit if necessary. I play DH, 3B and Outfield. Contact at or (434) 270-4773. 2/22

Gabrielle - 34 year old female - New to Charlottesville, looking to play spring/summer ball, co-rec. I played softball in high school (fastpitch) and in college (intramural), and adult leagues since then. Willing to play any position. Email  1/26 

George - 39 year old male - Just moved to Charlottesville, would like to play spring/summer ball, co-rec. 20 years rec softball experience, willing to play any position. 1/26

Brad Fix - 14 years playing experience ( shortstop, either position in outfield, pitcher, catcher, or first base) contact info: (540) 241-8282

Juan Bisono - 37. Looking to play in fall softball, preferably coed on Thursdays. I have played in the past, last time 2011. Can play in the infield and outfield. Switch contact hitter, more power lefty than righty. Can sub if no regular position in roster. Phone 4349964963. 8/14

Keith Franklin - 51. I am looking to join a men's or coed softball team.  I can play just about any night.  I have 25 years of experience playing rec league and tournament softball. I can play any position but third and short.  Also, I am a decent pitcher as well.  I hit for percentage and can place the ball just about anywhere on the field.  Even though I am 51, I have stayed in good shape running Spartan Races.  I can be reached at 804-399-3197 or 8/7

Bryan Forum-37. Looking to play on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I play in the infield and have about 8 years of softball experience. I can be reached at 434-808-6591. 8/1 

Tim-  I'm 32 and have played baseball/softball most of my life.  I played short stop in both Men's and COED leagues previously.  I am looking for a team that needs a short stop; willing to play in either league but prefer COED since it's my first season back since the ACL tear/repair.  I have been playing soccer since FEB 2016; the knee is fine. Can be reached at 7/31

Addie McMurtry- I'm a 22 yr old female looking to join a team. I just graduated from UVA and played Club softball for the last four years. I've played softball all my life. I'm a switch hitter and can play middle infield or anywhere in the outfield. I can be reached at or by cell at 804-822-0380. 7/24

Christopher Meduri- 26 year old male. No softball experience, show case baseball until graduating HS,  adult wooden bat league after HS for a couple years. Looking to play Co-ed softball. Cell # 4349891763. 7/21

Erik Laaksonen- 21 Year Old Male, just moved to C'Ville this summer.  Not too much slow-pitch experience however I played D2 College Baseball for 2 years primarily at SS and 2B. Quick enough to pretty much play any position, willing to play outfield if needed. I can be reached at 203-249-1772 or 7/21 

Chris Lounsbury - 25 year old male, Division III all-conference baseball player in college. Haven't picked up a ball since i graduated but finally getting the itch to play again. SS/2B was primary positions, CF occasionally too. Free most nights and weekends so we'll be able to make the games no problem. You can reach me at (845)857-5288 or 7/10

Courtney Edwards - 28 year old female. 6 feet tall. 12 year experience in rec leagues. Moving to Cville at the beginning of August and looking forward to joining a team. Can play outfield, 1st or 2nd base. Looking to join or sub for a team. I can be reached at 816-809-7550 or 7/10

David J. Schneider - 55 year old male, interested in playing softball. Men's or Co-Rec. Pitcher and 2nd base are my best positions. Depending on the needs of the team, willing to play any position. Call or text at 602-88-7931 or email at 7/10

Andrew/Maura - Male/Female combo, late 20's, looking to join a coed team this fall. Both have softball experience. Male plays anywhere in the infield and female can play anywhere in the outfield. Please email or call 203-559-1963. 7/5

Katie-  25 year old female, looking to join a softball team. I bat right handed and played both in-field and outfield in the co-ed league I played in last summer. I played softball up until high school and was a D1 college lacrosse player. I've only played 1 year of softball recently but I am athletic. My email is and my phone number is 3015185640. I may also have friends that would join if you need more than 1 player. 7/5

Nicole- 27 year old female, played in HS and rec leagues since. I can pitch, or play 2nd base or outfield. For outfield, I can run v. fast but my arm strength is not anything to write home about. I live and work in cville. Will bring fluffy dog to games. Please contact me at or 631-513-5480. 6/14

John Pond- 24 year old male. I have some slow pitch experience but it has been limited as I was an athlete at UVA during college and could not commit full time to a team. I am a highly competitive individual looking to get into slow pitch more regularly. I am a power hitter and would most naturally be a first baseman, but am willing to play anywhere. I am available to play any night, and would only miss games if traveling for work. I live in Charlottesville and work for UVA. I can be reached at 804-840-7542 or by email at 6/14

Kaitlyn Bodine- I am 22, I was a division 2 softball player, I mainly pitched and hit in college but also was a utility player in high school. My best positions are 1st base, 2nd base and outfield! I am completing my masters at JMU but am a commuter from the cville area. Highly competitive and would love to get back out on the field. I played some slow pitch over in Harrisonburg when teams needed an extra player but couldn't find anything consistent! If you need a player let me know! Email: call/text: 434-960-7127

Ethan- I played high school baseball, and like I said, I would judge myself at an intermediate level. My true position is second-base, but I also can manage it at 3B.  I also enjoy playing 1B.  I'm not exceptionally tall (5'10").   I make a big enough target, though, and I have good reach. Last year, I played in a men's softball league. I haven't played since this last fall when I was playing in my school's (UVA) co-ed intramural softball league. (757) 752-0618  6/9

 Josh- I am a competitive softball player that just moved to the area I was looking for teams that were looking to add a player. I am mostly available on the weekends.. but I can make other days work.. I have been playing for 10 years and have been sponsored by multiple companies. Please get a hold of me at 202-552-9330 or 6/5

Samantha Batista - I'm 24 years old. I played softball in a community league for more than 10 years, and for a while on my high school team as well. Most of my experience has been playing 1st base, pitcher, or outfield. It's been a while, but I'm looking to get back into it! My number is 845-417-3407 and I can be reached by email at 5/23

JJ - 44 Tons of experience in slow pitch.  Played from my mid 20's for about 14 years in Fairfax County, VA and Prince William County, VA in multiple leagues per year.  I played both Men's as well as Co-Rec and I played everything from low level Co-Rec to High level Men's. I can and have played everything from OF, 1B, 2B, Pitch and Catch.  I'm a contact hitter with a little power and I still have some speed as well. I have also played soccer as an adult from age 35 - 42 as well.  For the last 7 years I've been coaching Fastpitch Travel Softball from the 10u age group thru 16u and I now coach High School fastpitch at St. Anne's Belfield private school.  I specialize in training hitters, slappers, Pitchers, and Catchers, but I coach all field positions as well. I can be reached at  703-975-4970 via email at  5/19 

Darby Wootten-  30, I've filled in many a time as a sub for slow pitch, can play any position and can consistently throw strikes. Contact hitter and speed.  5/16 

Dylan Wood- I am 22, 5'11 and 305lbs. I am a former high school 3rd baseman looking to play in another league. I currently play in a mens Monday night in Harrisonburg VA. Have great experience playing infield and am a power hitter. Feel free to call or text me at 540-271-8450 4/24

Gwendolyn Cassady- I have 8 years of experience. I haven't played since I was a teen, but I'm slightly above average in athleticism. I played pitcher and short stop. I used to play in an Indiana recreational league. I do not have collegiate experience but was an All-Star in my youth and early tween years. I can be reached at 4/20

Taylor McDowel (26), Pamela Lim (25), William Morse (27) – Three players looking to join a co-ed softball team. All bat right-handed and are willing to play infield or outfield. Each has limited recreational experience in the past. Contact at (404) 695-7757 or   4/14 

Sarah Pitman, 23. Played college softball and a couple years of slow pitch. Can play anywhere. I just moved to the area and would love to join a team. 304-382-1033  4/13

Stephanie LaPrade-31  I just moved to the Charlottesville area and was interested in joining a coed team. I'm available for every game. Bat right and am versatile on any base. I have played in the past and love the game. I'm looking for a team to have fun with. 4/6

Whitney Jones- 33, live in Cville, played travel slow pitch softball for 4 years and then  started fast pitch. Played in high school in Georgia and made all-state as a senior. Decided not to play in college, but played co-ed IM for fun. I just moved back and would love to find a competitive but fun league for adults.  4/5

 Micah Smith- 34y/o male. I'm interested in either a men's team, or co-ed.   I played baseball as a kid through high school, and some club baseball at UVA during college. I have played church league softball since I was a teenager and have also played in several other softball leagues and weekend teams.  In baseball I mostly played 3rd.  In softball I have played outfield and infield, mostly on the left side in both, any position on the field is very do-able.  I work as a RN at UVA, so my schedule is a bit inconsistent, however I would love to play whenever I'm able.  4/5

Travis Riesen-  I'm looking for a men's softball team to play on this year. I grew up playing baseball and switched to softball following college ball. I took the last year off as I recently moved to Charlottesville. I play third base primarily, but I can play anywhere on the field. You can contact me at or at (620)382-5147.   4/3

 Whitney Jones- I am new to the Charlottesville area and was interested in joining a co-ed softball team. I played slow pitch and fast pitch for over 10 years, so I have a lot of experience and really enjoy the game.  4/3

 Seth S. - I am looking for a softball team to join. I'm 28 years old, left handed, bat right. I played baseball all my life and mainly pitched & played first, catcher, but can/have played every position.  Contact me at  3/31 

Gordon Staten- I am well experienced and have played baseball and softball all my life. I am looking to join a B men's team or B co-rec or rookie team. I prefer SS but can play 2B and outfield. Please contact me at 434-806-4419.  3/29.  

Simeon Brown- I have 30 yrs of experience playing softball and baseball. I played AA ball in NYC. I prefer 1st base and can play outfield. I have been out of the game for a few years and looking to get back in it. You can contact me at 646-531-4995 or  3/28 

Spencer Dole- I'm 22 years old and played baseball throughout high school and intramural softball throughout college. I am available any night of the week or weekends. Looking to join a team for this season or long-term. My phone number is 802-299-0445.   3/27 

Megan Mueller - 22 years old, experienced/good player interested in joining a co-ed softball team. Played fastpitch throughout high school and co-ed rec leagues yearly. Outfield, 1st or 2nd base preferred. Cannot play on Wednesdays. Please text me 703-595-6309 or email   3/27

Hayden Yount - 33 Year old male, looking to join a Monday or Tuesday men's league. Played baseball in high school, have played rec-league softball for last 9 years or so. I'd prefer to play outfield, but could play first base or pitch if need be. Please contact me at or 540.742.2760 if interested. 3/9

Jessi Robertson - 20 year old female. Looking to join co-ed softball team. Have played baseball and softball. Available for any season and looking for a permanent team. Please contact Jessi at 434-989-1938 or via email at 3/2

Griffin Kopp - 26 years old. Played in men's slow pitch/intramurals throughout college. Played shortstop but can manage to play anywhere around the diamond. Will be in Charlottesville from March until the end of June/beginning of July. Working as a travel nurse and will be working night shift but would like to play as much as the work schedule permits. Please contact Griffin at 276-393-9244 or email at 2/28

Kim Kelly - experienced/good player interested in joining a softball team. Played fastpitch through college and co-ed rec leagues more recently. Prefer outfield but can play 1st or 2nd base. Please call me at 434-249-0344 or email me at 2/24

Mala Cunningham - Experienced / good player interested in joining a softball team for Thursday nights.   I can play any position but I prefer infield - either 2nd or 1st base.   I can also pitch if needed and can play outfield.  Over 15 years experience in the top leagues.  I also have a woman friend who would be interested in joining a team if you needed more women players.  Please call me at (434) 296-5200 or email:  thanks!  

Alex Kennedy- I am 28 and have played baseball my whole life. I have played slow pitch softball for about 5 years now. I was recently on Jon Cassady's team Sentara Martha Jefferson this past year. I'm just looking to get back into it. Contact me at  2/14

Shelli Schinkus- I am a female looking for a team. I've played women's and coed leagues in FL for 15 years as an adult but played since I was 5.  I haven't played as much since moving here 5 years ago.   I prefer outfield. 772-538-9966 2/7

William Mays- I am looking to play softball in a Men's and Co-ed softball league. I would prefer to play on an intermediate team. I've played with the Blues Brothers for most seasons and one season with Silver Sluggers. Here are my batting stats from last summer:    My personal number is 434-841-0198  2/1

Softball Players Looking for a Team in 2016

Juan Bisono- looking to join a softball team. I grew up playing baseball and have played C, 2B and all Outfield positions.I used to play in the city league on a few teams: Sexton’s Softball, Sandlot, Atlantic Coast Orthopedics but haven’t played since the fall of 2012. I work at Martha Jefferson Hospital and take call. So, I might not be able to attend every game but I wish to play the remaining games, if possible. 434.996.4963    9/28 

Kelsey Joyce - I am a 24 year old female looking to play on a softball team this fall. I played a lot in middle and high school. I also played Intramurals in college. I can play almost any position. (978) 399-8726    8/23 

David Scheer- I'm interested in playing softball this fall.  I'm mid-40s, 6'1", decent shape.  I played baseball through freshman year of college and plenty of softball since.  I can play just about any position and mostly hit for average with an occasional tater. Phone:  (202) 780-7845 or    8/23

Jennifer Darsie- I am interested in joining a Co-Rec softball team. I'm a 24 yo experienced player with a decent bat. Varsity softball in HS, IM in college and rec leagues in NH. I can play anywhere in the infield but prefer 3B (I also have catching and pitching experience if needed). Cell: (973) 975-2273. email:   8/18

Avery Buchholz - I am looking to join a men’s softball team. I have lots of softball experience and will play any position. Please contact me at (843) 817-5524 thanks   8/17

Brandon Schartz - I am a 33 year old male. I've played the last two years of rookie co-ed softball. I can no longer play with our Thursday night team due to another commitment. Looking for a fall team...I need to do Tuesday or Wednesday league. Either men's or coed is great. I've played sports my entire life, but did not play organized baseball beyond little league. I'm looking for a friendly team that needs an extra guy. I am willing to play any position. My favorite is 3B...but any is fine.  8/11

Jeremy Brackett - I am interested in joining  a Fall Softball league  (Co-Rec). I am 26 years old, fast, and athletic. I can throw well and moderate hitter. Please call me at (252) 619-2668, if an open slot becomes available. Email: 8/11

Mala Cunningham - Experienced and good player interested in joining a team for Fall Softball.  I can play any position but I prefer infield - either 2nd or 1st base.   I can also pitch if needed and can play outfield.  Over 15 years experience in the top leagues.  I also have a woman friend who would be interested in joining a Fall team if you needed more women players.  Please call me at (434) 296-5200 or email:  thanks!    7/28 

Brent McGhee- I'm interested in joining a Fall softball league: Co-Rec or Men's. I'm 48, in good shape, and can hit, field and throw well.  Capable at most all positions but prefer infield.  I'm usually a 4 or 5 hitter. My e-mail is, and cell # (434) 825-3377.  7/27

Michael Leach - Outfielder/1B seeking an adult team for summer league softball. I'm a fit 40 year old with a decent bat. I am an Army law school student so I will be here for summer and through the first week of September. 571-888-0594   6/28

 Matt Johnson- Four years of Varsity at big HS program in FL. Won softball intramural championship twice at FSU where I was captain of my team, and did all the pitching. Also play 1b, 3b, C, OF. Cell: (352) 239-0024; email: 6/19

Grant Page - HS varsity baseball, 1 year club baseball at Michigan State, intramural softball at MSU, and played in NGSL this past year along with the UVA law invitational. I can play SS, 2B, 3B (616) 443-0365 6/6

Andrew Kelly - I have played in the outfield and catcher with Mr. Electric last year for a couple tournaments and games, as well as played on the Charlottesville League last year. My phone number is (215) 4/25

Dusty Young - I have played 13 years of baseball and in HS I played one year on JV and three years Varsity. Post college played one year as a walk-on for a single A travel baseball team ages 18 – 35. I have played fast pitch Church Softball for 10 years. I can play the outfield and infield besides catcher but I prefer to be in the outfield. 4/19

Mark Jungling- I'm new to Charlottesville and would like to find either a mens 40+ (I'm 47) or co-rec team to join. I can play multiple positions but am best at 2nd base.  I played a lot in my 20's and early 30's and want to start again. (703) 851-9350    4/20

Amy Boyce- I will be moving to Charlottesville this summer and will be looking to join a co-rec softball league for the summer. I have played up until college and am an experienced first basemen but am open to all other positions.  I am 19 years old and am comfortable playing with anyone. (630) 450-5612.  4/11

Edie Oliver- I am new to Charlottesville and looking for a co-ed softball team to join. I played in college (Delta State University) 5 years ago and have been playing in various leagues since. I'm a lefty so first base is my primary position but I'm also comfortable in the outfield. I'm a very laid back person but I love to compete. Please e-mail me for more info. (662) 552 0266  4/7 

 Zach Maskavich - I am interested in playing on a Thursday night co-ed softball team. I am a 26-years old and baseball throughout high school and played in various softball leagues throughout Maryland during college. I have been looking for a league to join since moving to Charlottesville a little over a year ago. I can pitch, play outfield or the right side of the infield. I'm very easy to get along with and am a pretty good player.  (443) 889-8738

Travis Bailey - I am looking to join Men's or competitive co-ed team for spring or summer this year. I am an easy going guy who gives full effort. Just got to Charlottesville and want to continue playing. I captained softball teams in Chicago for the past 8 years and want to play without all the coach responsibility. I show up with glove and go. Outfielder by trade, typical 2 hitter with good placement/contact swing. Can also hit behind the big boys to drive in runs. or call me (804) 337-5647

Gregory Karnbach - I am looking to join a team in the adult men’s softball program (spring/summer season). I have played softball for 20 years (in NY). I was hoping connect with a team that may be looking for a player (I can play outfield, first base (lefty), pitch or catch I am a very good hitter- usually bat in the 3,4 or 5 spots).  (631) 804-7379 3/24

Rick Clark - I recently moved down to Charlottesville from Fairfax, VA and am looking to join a Spring or Summer league team. I'd be interested in playing in the Fall, as well. I'm 33 years old and have played rec league softball for about 8 years, off and on. I spent five years on a Men's league team playing catcher. I spent 3 years on a co-ed team playing center field and 1B/3B. Prefer infield but am open to whatever. (703) 635-5433. 3/21

Katie Spicer - I am looking to play on a co-rec team. I played in high school and at college and want to get back into playing and meeting people. Will play anywhere. 32 years old. (757) 880-6367 or 3/14/16

Mike Pounsberry - I am interested in playing on a Co-Rec or Mens team. I play outfield and second base. I have played softball a few years back and have been playing mens adult baseball for the past 6 years. (239) 645-8498 3/14/16 

Allen Groat - I am interested in playing softball on a Co-Rec team. I am 30 years old and have played in the past but it has been years. I prefer to play outfield but willing to move around as necessary. Please let me know if you have any questions. My cell number is (434) 953-6612 and my email is 3/14/16

Robby Morris - I'm 28 and I have played softball with the city for 12 years and I'm looking for a Co-Rec or Men’s team. I can play outfield, 3rd base and I like pitching. I will play where ever needed. (434) 282-6129

Bryan Rosensteel - interested in joining an adult softball league.  Either Men's or Co Ed is fine.  I have played nearly every position (although most have been out of necessity rather than talent:).  Primarily, I'd say I'm an outfielder, but am willing to play the position of greatest need; overall looking for a chance to meet new people, and enjoy the game. (202) 277-6082  2/23/16                           

Jordan Rubin - I graduated from UVA in May 2015 (McIntire School of Commerce) and now I'm working in Charlottesville. Interested in joining a men's or co-rec team. I played baseball all throughout high school;  I also played on the club baseball team at SUNY Binghamton prior to transferring to UVA. Contact me at (914) 874-4612 or 2/18/16 

Jessie Glass- New to the Charlottesville area and looking to join a coed softball team. I used to play on a travel and varsity high school team for many years. Mainly played 2nd base but comfortable with any position. Email me at 2/18/16 

Kelsie Floyd - I'm looking to join a women's/co-ed team for softball, and/or volleyball! Played all sports since I was a child through high school (all-state in all sports), now coach volleyball. Volleyball, I played all around but typically a setter/hitter. Softball typically an infielder, 3rd base is sweet spot but comfortable at other positions. I'm a personal trainer so pretty in shape and athletic, and still have my competitiveness! Email me at 1/26/16 

James Overbeek - I just moved to the Charlottesville area and I am very interested in joining a softball team, Men's or Co-rec.  I just graduated from Randolph-Macon College this past May where I played baseball all four years. (703) 268-3514 10/27/15