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Policy Issues

  • How can we get the people in the city and region to see homelessness as a community issue instead of a personal one?
  • How can we get our schools more involved with families?
  • Look for ways to utilize and modify current housing stock to meet changing housing needs (changing large SF homes into multiple units, for example)
  • How can we best engage CRHA and revisit the policy/preference for homelessness for entry into public housing?
  • As public monies, what are appropriate ways to spend Charlottesville Housing Funds $ on bricks and mortar affordable housing?
  • What about a small real estate tax that supports this system of care? SPCA receives funding from taxes but homeless people don’t?!?
  • How can we move families, the elderly, and people have just entered the workforce into affordable housing?
  • Need coalition to work of affordable housing for everyone
  • How many units do we actually need?
  • Create more units
  • How will the transition of Green Stone on Fifth from Section 8 impact affordable housing stock?
  • How do we get more resources?
  • Can the goals to reduce homelessness be more specific in our community to make change?
  • How do you maintain your world class city designation and continue to attract monied people while still making room for the poorer working class?
  • Why don’t we have a city and county office of homelessness – lots of other communities do. Local governments are taking the lead on homelessness prevention and response most everywhere else…
  • Do we need to have another symposium focused on family homelessness?
  • We need a paradigm shift – a radical change where basic housing is guaranteed to all.
  • Talk more about financial strategies/return on investment

Public Outreach and Information Sharing

  • Improve general PR about homelessness in general and the economics of keeping people in a housing crisis
  • How can we best communicate the local Housing Trust savings to the businesses/funders?
  • Need more community investment and awareness of issues
  • Condense symposium info into one page and take it out to the people, places where individuals and families already gather: neighborhoods, schools, faith communities, businesses, civic organizations
  • Take this information to full city council, county supervisors, CRHA leadership, churches, BRAC and other landlords, David Toscano, etc.

Funding and Incentives

  • Need more funding for system and for housing development
  • Incentivize small house development (permits, taxes, tap)
  • City/community real estate tax to support homelessness & housing system of care
  • How will the community pay for the case workers needed to provide assistance for people getting into housing?
  • Can the city/county offer incentives to developers to build affordable housing?
  • How can we convince the political leadership to approach dedicated tax towards affordable housing and ending homelessness?
  • Need incentives for affordable/supportive housing
  • Where will administrative funding for our CoC come from since there is limited/no support from the Feds or the State?
  • When will the funding come through to build the new affordable units?
  • Are there targeted resources currently to prevent homelessness before it happens?
  • City program for tax and rent relief asks/required total household income but does not take into account the number of household members. So, a single person making near the limit would get help, while a family making right over the limit, regardless of family size, would get no help?


  • Develop the alleys with small, affordable cottages
  • Give density bonuses for affordable units (extra floors, etc)
  • Decrease minimum lot size
  • How can zoning be changed to encourage affordable housing development?
  • Are there too many restrictions, players, interests to facilitate a cohesive solution?


  • Is this being filmed for the Public Access channel?
  • Was SCORE approached?
  • Devil’s Advocate question: How does housing someone actually save the community money without costing jobs? Will this decrease our community’s ER workers, police officers, etc.? Isn’t it really an added cost as these are services costs and we would have to cut these services, which means a loss of jobs?
  • Kaki presented a “Million Dollar Murray (MDM).” Many cities have established exactly how many MDMs (or someone with close to the same history) need to be targeted for PSH services. Can PACEM or others establish a list for Charlottesville? What would anyone guess today? Is the MDM described in Kaki’s presentation standard for The Crossings?
  • Groups we should follow up with:
    • - City Council
    • - CRHA
    • - Albemarle Board of Supervisors
    • - OAR Staff
    • - Ministers
    • - BRAC & Landlords
    • - Developers
    • - David Toscano