Charlottesville Affordable Housing Fund

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Please note that the City is not currently seeking proposals for these funds.


The Charlottesville Affordable Housing Fund (CAHF) was established in 2007 by the City to provide a flexible funding mechanism for housing-related projects.  The CAHF is capitalized through annual allocations from the City's Capital Improvement Programs.  Since the fund's inception, the Charlottesville City Council has committed more than $16 million towards affordable housing in the City.

Annual Allocations to the CAHF

Fiscal Year   CIP Appropriation
 2008  $1,750,000
 2009  $1,400,000
 2010  $1,000,000
 2011  $1,200,000
 2012  $1,410,000
 2013  $760,000
 2014  $1,528,154
 2015  $1,569,322
 2016  $1,569,322
 2017  $1,699,602
 2018  $2,499,602
 Total  $16,386,002


How to Request Funding

The City does not utilize an annual competitive selection procedure; rather, funding decisions are made on an on-going basis for qualified projects until such are fully depleted.  Potential applicants are asked to communicate proposed projects with the City's Housing Development Specialist on an informal basis initially.  Further, although there is no set format, applicants will be asked to provide a request in writing that provides general information about the proposed project.  This should respond to the following questions:

1. Why are the requested funds needed/necessary for the project?
2. How much CAHF money is being requested and what are the total estimated project costs, including other funds (i.e. proposed budget)?
3. Details of the proposed project need to be clearly outlined to show what is to be accomplished and how CAHF funds will be spent.
4. Identify who will benefit from the proposed project and describe how this benefit will occur.
5. Identify timing for the proposed project and advise when funds are needed so that the matter can be coordinated and scheduled for consideration by the City Council.

By removing regulatory strings often associated with federal programs, the City has provided a unique resource to undertake local affordable housing efforts.  Questions regarding this fund should be directed to Stacy Pethia at 434-970-3315 or via email at