Annual Work Plan Committees

  1. Education and Public Meetings (Mark Beliles, Chair; also Mary Hill Caperton, Genevieve Keller, and Ingrid Smyer-Kelly)

Special events: Spring Preservation Week; 250th Charlottesville Anniversary in 2012;

Annual fall Piedmont Area Preservation Alliance (PAPA) gathering of preservation groups

  1. Public Commemoration (Co-chairs Gennie and Helena; also Melanie Miller, Mary Hill Caperton and Winston Churchill Gooding)

Historic markers and plaques

Transit Station Display, bus posters, and other exhibits

  1. Publications (Mary Hill Caperton, Chair; also Steven Meeks)

HRC Web page, digitize City Landmark Survey

  1. Special Projects (Helena, Chair; also Steven Meeks, Winston Churchill Gooding, Mark Beliles)

Old Jail