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UPDATED July 2016

The next regular Historic Resources Committee meeting will be held on Monday August 8, 2016 at 11 a.m. - noon in the NDS Conference Room. HRC meetings are held on the second Monday of each month. Anyone is welcome to attend.

The next regular BAR meeting will be Tuesday August 16, 2016 starting at 5:30 p.m. in Council Chambers, City Hall. See the agenda on this website. Enter the building from the E. Main Street mall entrance.

BAR meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month. The next deadline for BAR submittal is Tuesday July 26, 2016 at 3:30 pm for the August 16, 2016 BAR meeting. _______________________________________________________________________________

Updated maps have been prepared that show the City's Local Historic (regulatory) districts including Architectural Design Control Districts and Historic Conservation Districts; and the City's (honorary) National Register and Virginia Register districts.

The Fry’s Spring Neighborhood Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on November 19, 2014, and on the Virginia Landmarks Register on September 18, 2014.

The Historic Survey includes documentation of 338 properties; at least 23 residents contributed helpful information. The Fry's Spring Historic Survey Information Book has been completed and may be viewed here.

The honorary historic district contains approximately 150 acres and 338 properties. 300 properties contain historic resources dating between 1890- 1963. 50% date before 1940; 30% built during 1920’s.

Contributing structures located within the historic district may be eligible for tax credits for rehabilitation.  Click the link below for more information.

Federal and State Rehabilitation Tax Credits

The Comprehensive Plan was updated and adopted by City Council on August 19, 2013.  Chapter 7 covers Historic Preservation and Urban Design. See the entire adopted version here.

Rock Hill Landscape & McIntire Park East HALS: The City of Charlottesville has recently developed historic documentation for two local properties – Rock Hill Landscape and McIntire Park East.

City Council approved the 5-year review of and revisions to the Architectural Design Control (ADC) District Design Guidelines on September 17, 2012. The Guidelines are required to be reviewed every five years. The (long-term) tents and mural guidelines were amended by City Council on October 21, 2013. The West Main Street Contributing Properties Map was updated by City Council on December 2, 2013. The Guidelines may be viewed online here.

City Council approved the 5-year review of and revisions to the Entrance Corridor (EC) Design Guidelines on March 7, 2011. The Guidelines are required to be reviewed every five years. They may be viewed online here.

The Woolen Mills Village historic district was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on April 12, 2010, and on the Virginia Landmarks Register on December 17, 2009.

The National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Landmarks Register (“National and State Registers”) provide recognition for Virginia’s and the Nation’s most significant districts and buildings. A National and State Register district designation is honorary and does not impose regulations.

Contributing properties within this district are eligible for tax credits for rehabilitation. See the VA Department of Historic Resources web site for more information on tax credits.

The William H. McGuffey Primary School was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on December 23, 2009, and on the Virginia Landmarks Register on September 17, 2009. Built 1915-16, McGuffey School was named for the author of the first standard U.S. reader series and staunch advocate of public education, who also taught ethics at the University of Virginia. The school, a two-story, brick building in the Colonial Revival style, was Charlottesville's first primary school building constructed for that purpose. It was lauded for its physical harmony, both on its facade and with its interior layout, which followed contemporary guidance for Progressive Era primary and secondary school design. The building became a model for subsequent school construction in Charlottesville. In 1973, McGuffey School, the first area school to employ a female principal, ceased operations.

Fifeville and Tonsler Neighborhoods Historic District was added to the National Register of Historic Places on June 18, 2009, and was listed on the Virginia Landmarks Register on March 20, 2008.


City Council approved the Conservation District Ordinance and related guidelines (2nd reading) on Monday March 16, 2009. It is intended to protect the character and scale of historic neighborhoods through review of demolitions and new construction. If your neighborhood association would like to request that City Council consider a conservation district in your neighborhood, or if you want more information, please contact the Department of Neighborhood Development Services.

The following link takes you to the Muni Code web site for Charlottesville. Scroll all the way down to Chapter 34 (Zoning ordinance) and click on it. Then scroll to Sec. 34-335, which is the beginning of the Conservation District Overlay.

On March 25, 2009 the Oakhurst-Gildersleeve Historic District was added to the National Register of Historic Places. On December 18, 2008 the State Review Board and Board of Historic Resources added the Oakhurst-Gildersleeve Historic District to the Virginia Register.

The BAR held a special meeting on Tuesday April 29, 2008 at 5 pm in City Council Chambers, City Hall, and recommended to City Council that the following properties be designated as Individually Protected (historic) Properties (IPP's). Eight of the 12 properties have now been designated by City Council:

  1. Former Cocal Cola Bottling Works - 134 10th Street NW (designated 10-06-08)
  2. Cocal Cola Bottling Co. - 722 Preston Avenue (designated 10-06-08)
  3. Former Monticello Dairy - 946 Grady Avenue (designated 10-06-08)
  4. Fry's Spring Beach Club on JPA Ext. (not yet considered)
  5. Fry's Spring Service Station on JPA (designated 09-15-08)
  6. The Coal Tower - off Carlton Road (designated 09-15-08)
  7. Former Belmont Hall/ IOGT - 603 Dale Avenue (now demolished)
  8. Holy Temple Church of God - 212 Rosser Avenue (designated 11-03-08)
  9. Martha Jefferson Hospital, Patterson Wing - 459 Locust Avenue (designated 09-15-08)
  10. Wachovia Bank - 901 Emmet Street (designated 10-06-08)
  11. Two properties were deferred by the BAR - Zion Union Baptist Church - 1015 Preston Avenue and McIntire Park