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August 2013

The Comprehensive Plan was adopted by City Council on August 19, 2013.  Staff will be updating the format of these materials in the next few months.  The information below contains all the approved information and will be in use until the formatting is complete.

Memo outlining comments provided for revision at August 1, 2013 City Council work session. pdf icon

Compiled version of chapters as of August 19, 2013. pdf icon 


Table of Contents pdf icon 

Introduction pdf icon 
    The 1998 Sustainability Accords pdf icon 
    Livability Project & Charlottesville and Albemarle County Joint Vision and Goal Language pdf icon 

Community Values pdf icon 

Community Characteristics pdf icon 
    Community Characteristics Tables and Figures Appendix pdf icon 
    Charlottesville City Schools Assessment and Accountability Report and Division Profile Report: new window icon 
    Thomas Jefferson Health District Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships Report: pdf icon new window icon 
    Virginia Employment Commission – Charlottesville Community Profile: pdf icon new window icon 
    Virginia Department on Social Services Local Department of Social Services Profile Report and Local Population Demographics Profile Report: new window icon 
    The National Citizen Survey Full Report for Charlottesville, 2012:

Land Use pdf icon 
    Future Land Use Map: 
    Build Out Analysis pdf icon 
    City Land Use Survey Summary: 
    Community Focus Group Summary: 
    Area B Report – Map and PACC Approval: 
    Urban Development Areas: 
    Small Area Plan Narrative pdf icon 
    Small Area Plan Development Map pdf icon 

Community Facilities pdf icon 
    Parks and Recreation: 
        Park Classifications Appendix pdf icon 
        Urban Forest Management Plan: 
        Invasive Plant Management Plan: 
        Parks and Recreation Facilities pdf icon 
        Community Facilities Map pdf icon 
        ADA Transition Plan: 
    Fire Department: 
        Fire Department Response Times pdf icon 
    Public Utilities: 
        City Water Distribution System Map 2012 pdf icon 
        City Sanitary Sewer Interceptor and Trunk Lines 2012 pdf icon 

Economic Sustainability pdf icon 
    Charlottesville City Schools Strategic Plan 2011 – 2017: new window icon 
    Target Markets Report: pdf icon 
    Workforce Development Strategic Action Team Report to City Council 2013: pdf icon 
    Arts Impact in the Greater Charlottesville Area: pdf icon 
    2012 Office of Economic Development Annual Report: pdf icon new window icon 

Environment pdf icon 
    Stormwater Stewardship on Public Lands Study:
    Urban Forest Management Plan:
    Charlottesville Emissions Baseline Report: 
    Water Resources Protection Program Advisory Committee Report (November 15, 2012) pdf icon 
    Charlottesville GHG Emissions Report (2012) pdf icon 
    Local Climate Action Planning Process Report:
    Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan: 
    Charlottesville Trails: 
    Charlottesville Trees: 
    2012 Rivanna Watershed Snapshot: new window icon 
    Rivanna River Initiative pdf icon 
    Rivanna River Corridor Plan pdf icon 
    Regional Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan: new window icon 

Housing pdf icon 
    Housing Appendices: 
        City of Charlottesville 2025 Goals for Affordable Housing (Feb 2010) 
        The State of Housing Report of the Thomas Jefferson Planning District (Jan 2007)
        HAC Housing Policy 1 
        HAC Housing Policy 2
        HAC Housing Policy 3 
        A Report on Actions Needed to Address the Region’s Affordable Housing Crisis (Jan 2009)
        Housing Condition & Land Use Inventory for the City of Charlottesville (Sept 2011)
        HAC Suggested Language for Update of the Housing Section of the Comprehensive Plan (Jan 2012)

Transportation pdf icon 
    Charlottesville Transportation Narrative pdf icon 
    Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan:

Urban Design and Historic Preservation pdf icon 
    Urban Design and Historic Preservation Narrative pdf icon 
    City of Charlottesville Visible from Monticello pdf icon 

One Community Planning Project: new window icon 

Plan Implementation Strategies pdf icon 

Glossary pdf icon