Firefighter Job Description


General Definition of Work

The firefighter performs responsible service work in fire profession and prevention; does related work as required. Work is performed under the regular supervision of a company and/or shift commander.

Typical Tasks

Responds to alarms, drives and operates equipment and related apparatus and assists in The suppression of fires, including rescue, advancing lines, entry, ventilation and salvage work, extrication and emergency medical care of victims.

Performs cleanup and overhaul work, establishes temporary utility services.

Assists in maintaining and repairing fire apparatus and equipment, and cleaning fire stations and grounds.

Checks fire hydrant flows.

Makes fire code inspections of business establishments and prepares pre-fire plans.

Responds to emergency and non-emergency calls, pumps out basements, inspects for gas leaks, secures vehicle accidents, inspects chimneys, etc.

Participates in continuing training and instruction programs by individual study of technical material and attendance at scheduled drills and classes.

Conducts station tours for the public, school, and community demonstrations and programs.

Backs up for dispatching personnel, monitors alarm boards, receives and transmits radio and telephone messages.

Performs related task as necessary.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

General knowledge of elementary physics, chemistry and mechanics; general knowledge technical firefighting principles and techniques; and principles of hydraulics applied to fire suppression; general knowledge of the street system and physical layout of the city; general knowledge of emergency care methods, techniques and equipment; ability to understand and follow written and oral instructions; ability to establish and maintain cooperative relationships with fellow employees and the public; ability to keep simple records and prepare reports; possess a strong mechanical aptitude; ability to perform heavy manual labor; skill in operation of heavy emergency equipment.

Education and Experience

Any combination of experience and training equivalent to graduation from high school.

Special Requirements

Possession of a valid drivers permit issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Future Requirements at Three Years of Service

NFPA 1001    Firefighter Level II
NFPA 1002    Diver/Operator Certification
Commonwealth of Virginia Emergency Medical Technician or greater