Automated Payment Plan-FAQ

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What is the “Automated Payment Plan?”


This service allows you to pay your personal property or real estate taxes by automatically deducting your payment from your bank account, saving you the hassle of remembering deadlines and mailing in a check.


Can I pay for other City services through the Automated Payment Plan?


At this time only regular, semi-annual City taxes can be paid through the APP. Any supplemental tax bills you receive during the year will not be enrolled in this service. Supplemental bills that coincide with semi-annual billing and have the same due date as a semi-annual bill will be included in the plan. Click here for more information regarding Utility Billing’s direct debit plan, known as “EasyPay.”


How do I sign up for the service? Do I have to reapply each year?


Simply complete an authorization form and return it to our office! Your payment preferences will continue in effect until canceled by you. You do not have to reapply each year.


How many different installment options are available to me?

There are several different payment options available to taxpayers:

1. You may have the Treasurer’s Office debit your account for the full amount due each tax deadline, on June 5th and December 5th.

2. If you wish to make periodic monthly or quarterly payments or special arrangements, please contact the Treasurer’s Office at 970-3146 and we would be happy to accommodate you.


How will I know when my service has been activated?


Because of the timing of our payment debits, it could take approximately 30 days to enroll you in this service once we receive your application.


If I buy a new vehicle for which I receive a supplemental bill, will I be able to pay that bill through the APP?


At this time only bills due on the semi-annual due dates (June 5 and December 5) can be paid through the APP. Any supplemental tax bills you receive out of our normal billing cycle will need to be paid through our other convenient payment options. Just check the due date on your bill to determine if that bill qualifies for the auto-debit program.


May I use this service to pay delinquent taxes?


Yes, please contact our Billings and Collections Office at (434) 970-3146 for more information about enrolling in this service for past due taxes.


What if my financial institution information changes or I close my bank account?


You must contact us when any banking information changes, or if you close your bank account. Please notify us at least 10 days prior to your payment date so we can update our payment records. If you wish to use a new bank account, simply provide a voided check from your new financial institution.


Can I cancel the Automated Payment Plan?


Yes, you may cancel the plan at any time. Just remember to notify us at least 10 days before your next scheduled payment to allow us time to cancel your request.


What if I don’t have sufficient funds in my account or my payment is rejected?


If you know prior to your payment date that you will not have sufficient funds, please notify the Treasurer’s Office as soon as possible so we can adjust your payment plan. If a direct debit is returned for any reason, our office will assess a $25 returned debit fee on your account in addition to any charges your bank may assess. This may also result in losing the ability to participate in this payment plan.


Is there any fee for using this service?


No, this service is provided to all City residents free of charge.