Commonwealth of Virginia vs. James A. Fields

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Commonwealth of Virginia vs. James A. Fields, Jr
Monday, November 26 through Friday, December 14
Charlottesville Circuit Court

MEDIA & SECURITY PLAN for James A. Fields, Jr. Trial 

REGISTER for Press Credentials

We will have an exclusive media distribution list for all updates and notifications for the duration of the Fields trial. All media representatives who have registered for press credentials are currently on that list. If you...

  • have already registered and wish to add additional emails, or
  • do not wish to register but would like to be on the list,

Please email


  • Press credentials can be picked up starting at 8 am Monday, November 26 at the Media Operations Center at the Levy building on 350 Park Street
  • Press credentials will be needed for the reserved media area in the Circuit Court and the Media Operations Center at the Levy building on 350 Park Street
  • Press credentials are for trial dates only and can not be used for jury selection dates
  • Jury selection is expected to last 2-3 days starting Monday, November 26
  • Circuit Court will be open to the public on jury selection dates, however seating will be limited
  • The reserved seating area for media in the Circuit Court on trial dates is FCFS and currently limited to two rows (16-18 seats)
  • The Remote Viewing Area at the Levy building will not be activated until the trial begins
  • The Remote Viewing Area is considered an extension of the Circuit Court
  • The Remote Viewing Area is limited to approx. 45 people
  • The Media Operations Center is for credentialed media only, FCFS, and has limited seating
  • SAT Truck parking is FCFS  


Update 12/9/2018 - WEATHER REPORT
Update 12/5/18
Update 12/1/18
Update 11/30/18
Update 11/28/18 - 7:20 pm
Update 11/28/18 - 6:40 pm


December 2018

Filed 12/27/18 - Court Order Allowing Members of Public to View and Listen to Audio/Video Evidence
Exhibits 12/6/2018
Exhibits 12/5/2018 (Part 3)
Exhibits 12/5/2018 (Part 2)
Exhibits 12/5/2018 (Part 1)
Exhibits 12/4/2018 (Part 2)
Exhibits 12/4/2018 (Part 1)
Exhibits 12/3/2018 (Part 4)
Exhibits 12/3/2018 (Part 3)
Exhibits 12/3/2018 (Part 2)
Exhibits 12/3/2018 (Part 1)
Filed 12/3/2018 - Defense Objection to Motion
Filed 12/3/2018 - Commonwealth's Motion

November 2018

Exhibits 11/30/2018 (Part 2)
Exhibits 11/30/2018 (Part 1)
Exhibits 11/29/2018
Filed 11/29/18 - Commonwealth's Motion in limine to Admit Two Instagram Posts
Filed 11/29/18 - Defense Motion in limine to Admit Protest Memes

October 2018

Filed 10/30/18 - Court Order: Prohibited Items and Conduct for Circuit Court and Levy
Filed 10/29/18 - Court Order: Barring of Signs, Tokens, Insignia from Courtroom

September 2018
Filed 9/7/18 - Motion Hearing

August 2018
Filed 8/30/18 - Consent Order
Filed 8/27/18 - Commonwealth's Response to Motion for Change of Venue
Filed 8/14/18 - Defense's Motion for Change of Venue

December 2017
Amended Indictments


Brian Wheeler, Director of Communications 434-970-3129
Joe Rice, Deputy Director of Communications 434-409-8226