Proposed Service Adjustments - 8/4/2018

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With a continued focus on improving services, Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT) is soliciting feedback from the general public for potential routing changes that are proposed to take place August 4, 2018. 

Two public meetings have been scheduled.  Both meetings will immediately follow CAT's Transportation Development Plan meetings.  The first meeting will occur at 6:35 PM on Wednesday, April 25 at CitySpace (100 5th St NE, Charlottesville, VA 22902).  The second meeting will occur at 11:35 AM on Thursday, April 26 at CitySpace. Individuals who are unable to attend a meeting are encouraged to provide comment by email to or by sending mail through the United States Postal Service (USPS) to:

Attn: Public Comment
Charlottesville Area Transit
615 East Water Street
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Public comments will be accepted through April 30, 2018.

Summary of Service Adjustments

Free Trolley

Background Congestion near the UVA Chapel has made it difficult for CAT to serve the bus stop (#11908) without obstructing the flow of traffic.

Proposal To reduce the risk of obstructing traffic, CAT would like to delay its departures from ALL time points by five minutes.  This will allow time for the University Transit Service's (UTS) buses to depart prior to the Trolley arriving.

Background Disruptions from delivery trucks has made it difficult to serve the 2nd Street SW Mall Crossing (#17305).

Proposal To increase the reliability of service around the Downtown Mall, CAT would like to adjust the Trolley's alignment.  The new alignment will have the Trolley use Ridge McIntire Road to reach Market Street.  This will add Trolley service to the Omni bus stop (#11043) on Ridge McIntire Road and to the West Market at Old Preston Avenue bus stop (#11494).

Click here to see the proposed schedule.

Proposed Free Trolley Map

Route 1

Background CAT's current time point at PVCC (the Stultz Center #19849) has caused confusion, specifically when it comes to the service order of bus stops through the campus.  

Proposal To reduce confusion, CAT would like to move the time point to PVCC's Dickinson Building.  As part of the shift, the Stultz Center bus stop will move around the corner and be served directly on College Dr.  In addition, the new time point at the Dickinson Building will occur at :50 past the hour.  

Click here to see Route 1's proposed schedule.

Proposed Route 1 Map

Route 7 & 12

Background With the extension of Hillsdale Drive, CAT has the opportunity to create efficiencies by using the new road to reach Greenbrier Drive.

Proposal CAT would like to readjust the alignment and move the time point from the Marshalls (#14373) bus stop to the Hydraulic Road Kroger bus stop (#16531). Rather than traveling on Seminole Trail (Route 29) to reach Greenbrier, both Route 7 and Route 12 will use Hillsdade Drive to reach Greenbrier Drive.  The route will no longer serve the Marshalls bus stop, Post Office bus stop (#16447), Seminole Trail at Greenbrier Drive bus stop (#16452), and Greenbrier Drive at Hillsdale Drive bus stop (#16667).  A new bus stop will be installed near the India Road intersection.  The current Zan Road bus stop will move slightly north towards to Seminole Court. 

Click here to see Route 7's proposed schedule (Route 12's schedule is unaffected).

Proposed Route 7 and 12 Map

Route 9

Background The current time points for the Health Department make it difficult for the route to maintain a timely schedule.

Proposal To improve the anticipated departure and arrival times, CAT will shift the time points from the Charlottesville Health Department to the YMCA.

Click here to see Route 9's proposed schedule.

Route 10

Background Currently, Route 10 only serves the Social Security Administration Office on weekdays until 5:10 PM.

Proposal With the growth of nearby businesses, CAT will adjust the schedule to always serve the Social Security Administration Office.  This will provide extended transit access to those who are located within close proximity to the bus stop.

Click here to see Route 10's proposed schedule.

Proposed Route 10 Map