Inclement Weather Schedule

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A picture of a CAT bus making its way up Preston during inclement weather.While it is CAT ’s goal to maintain full service during inclement weather, road conditions may prohibit buses from traveling safely.  During these times, CAT may make adjustments to its routing schedule.  Such changes include detours, reduction in frequency of service, and/or the temporary elimination of certain routes.  Decisions to reduce service will be pushed out through CAT ’s mobile app, CAT ’s Facebook page, and to the local media.  Passenger's may also obtain information by calling CAT's Customer Service Line at 434-970-3649 and selecting option 3.

Level 1 (Route Map)

  • CAT routes operate as scheduled.

Level 2 (Route Map)

  • Route 1 will detour the upper portion of PVCC and Monticello Road.  Instead Route 1 will travel up Monticello Avenue when returning from PVCC.  Service to the Stultz Center will be maintained.
  • Route 3 will not serve Altavista Avenue, Belmont Park, and portions of Avon Street.  Instead Route 3 will travel up Monticello Avenue.
  • Route 4 will detour Ridge Street and Cherry Avenue between Ridge Street and Roosevelt Brown Boulevard.  Instead Route 4 will travel on West Main Street.
  • Route 6 will detour Ridge Street and Brookwood Drive.  Instead Route 6 will use 5th Street.
  • Route 10 will not serve the Social Security Office.
  • Route 11 will detour Rio Road between Melbourne Road and John W. Warner Parkway.  Instead Route 11 will travel on John W. Warner Parkway.

Level 3 (Route Map)

  • The following routes will not operate: Route 1, Route 4, Route 6, Route 8, Route 9, Route 10, Route 11.
  • Route 3 will only serve East Market Street, Water Street, Ridge Street, 5th Street, and 5th Street Extended.
  • Route 5 may not serve areas north of Commonwealth Drive.
  • Route 7/12 may detour Kroger on Hydraulic Road, Kmart, and Hillsdale Drive.

Level 4 (Route Map)

  • The Free Trolley, Route 2, and Route 7/12 will operate on a limited service schedule.  All other routes are suspended.  Route 7/12 will not serve areas north of the Barracks Road Shopping Center.