Customer Service: Bikes and Buses


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A CAT bus is seen in service, transporting a bike in its rack.

CAT welcomes bicycle riders on buses. Free bike racks are provided on the front of all buses and trolleys. The racks are easy to use, and following the procedures below will make your bike-bus experience easy and safe:

  • When the bus arrives at the stop, signal the driver that you want to load your bike.

  • Load the bike by squeezing the handle at the top of the rack and pulling it down.

  • Place the bike in the rack slot, grasp the support arm and pull it over the bicycle tire.

  • When you reach your destination, remind the driver that you will be unloading your bike.

  • Make sure the driver acknowledges your intent.

  • Lift the support arm from the tire, remove the bicycle from the rack and pull rack back to the upright position. 

The diagram below illustrates how bikes can be loaded in CAT bike racks:

Taking your bike aboard is quick and easy to do

Squeeze handle and pull down rack Place bike in rack slot

Squeeze handle and
pull down rack

Place bike in rack slot

Grasp support arm pull over tire

Grasp support arm...

... and pull over tire


Customer Service representatives are available to assist guests with any questions regarding riding CAT.  For further information, you may call CAT at 434.970.3649 or email