boardsThe City provides a wide variety of Boards and Commissions that encourage members to participate in discussions that affect and shape the future of our City. We believe it is not only the right, but the responsibility of interested and capable citizens to become engaged in local government policy by advising the Mayor and City Council on important community-related issues. Serving on a Board or Commission is an excellent way to make a personal contribution to Charlottesville's growth and can be a rewarding experience for everyone!

City Council is currently accepting applications for the following openings:

  • Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) 10th & Page Task Force (posted 9/30/15; open until filled)
  • Community Development Block Grant (at-large position, Belmont, 10th & Page, Ridge St. neighborhood representatives) (posted 9/30/15; open until filled)
  • Historic Resources Committee (posted 10/30/15; open until filled)
  • Housing Advisory Committee (developer) (posted 9/30/15; open until filled)
  • Human Rights Commission (posted 11/30/15; open until filled)
  • Monticello Area Community Action Agency Board (posted 9/30/15; open until filled)
  • Region Ten Community Services Board (posted 9/30/15; open until filled)
  • Social Services Advisory Board (posted 10/30/15; open until filled)
  • Tree Commission (posted 9/30/15; open until filled)
  • Vendor Appeals Board (posted 8/30/15; open until filled)
  • Water Resources Protection Program Advisory Committee (posted 9/30/15; open until filled)

CLICK HERE to download an application to serve on a board or commission.  

Once you have downloaded and filled out the application form, please send to, or send via mail to P.O. Box 911, Charlottesville, VA, 22902, ATTN: Clerk of Council - Boards & Commissions.

For more information about Boards and Commissions, please call Paige Rice, Clerk of Council, at 434-970-3113 or e-mail

Preference is given to residents of the City of Charlottesville.