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For your convenience, Charlottesville Gas provides a complete range of services from gas line installation to gas line repair. The following information will assist you in contacting our offices.

Photo of Charlottesville Gas workers installing a meter

To: Contact: Phone Number:
  • Open a New Gas Account
  • Change the Name on an Account 
  • Discontinue Existing Service
  • Begin Service
  • Light Furnace Pilot Light
  • Light Appliance Pilot Light
  • Install a New Water Meter 
  • Questions About Your Bill

Utility Billing Office

(434) 970-3211

  • Follow up on Gas Installation Schedule
  • Relocate/Remove Existing Gas Service
  • Move Existing Gas Meter
  • Gas Line Repair
General Operations

(434) 970-3803

  • Check Availability of Gas Service
  • Apply For a Gas Service Line - New Construction
  • Apply For Gas Service Line - Existing Home

Gas Marketing

 (434) 970-3686


 Current Fees



         the fee is:

  • Service Connection Fee


  • Gas Meter & Connection to Gas Main

            No Charge

  • First 150 ft. of Gas Line (with qualifying gas appliance or heating)*

            No Charge

  • Each foot of line above 150 ft. (with qualifying gas appliance or heating)*

            $12.00/foot unpaved
            $30.00/foot paved

  • Each foot of line for gas fireplace or power generator only (with no other qualifying gas appliance)*

            $12.00/foot unpaved
            $30.00/foot paved

            Additional cost may apply. Contact the Gas Marketing Office for a quote.

  • Upsized meter for use with power generator: residential usage only

            Call (434) 970-3686 for quote.

  • Upsized meter for use with power generator: commercial usage only

            Contact the Gas Marketing Office for a quote.

  • "Farm tap" required to install service connection to transmission line


*A qualifying appliance is a furnace, water heater, clothes dryer, or range/stove. Installations to supply any non-qualifying appliance(s) will be charged at the City's current costs as shown above, including any changes or modifications to the gas meter set.
























Cost Comparison: Compare your home heating fuel to natural gas

To compare oil and propane costs to natural gas, oil and propane must be converted into therms.

To convert oil to therms – multiply cost of oil per gallon by 0.72

To convert propane to therms – multiply cost of propane per gallon by 1.092

The current cost of one therm of natural gas is $1.09 (based on a monthly bill for a typical residential 12,000 CF user).

Fuel type: Cost per gallon: Multiplied by 0.72: Compared to natural gas:
Oil $3.75 $2.70/therm $1.09/therm

Fuel type: Cost per gallon: Multiplied by 1.092: Compared to natural gas:
Propane $2.80 $3.06/therm $1.09/therm

For example, if you are paying $3.75/gallon for oil, multiply that by 0.72 to get $2.70/therm. Compare that to $1.09/therm for natural gas. 

For additional cost information, Click Here for Utility Billing.


Steps of getting a gas service line installed: view our Gas Service Guide

If you are building a new construction, Click Here for very important installation requirements.

For questions about your gas account, to open a new account, or to request your meter be turned on or off, please contact Utility Billing: (434) 970-3211.

Sign up for a new gas line today! Contact:
Gas Marketing Office
(434) 970-3686